Vape Smoke Detectors: Keep Business Booming

Vape Smoke Detectors

Certain businesses struggle with different problems. Some might want to move on crowds of kids or teens and to stop them vaping or smoking nearby, creating a bad look for the area. Your business may have also been asked to work with local, nearby schools to help address vape addiction problems that have a myriad of bad health concerns, especially for the young. Here, we look at how you can keep your business running strong in the face of crowds gathering and vaping nearby.


Vape Smoke Detector: The Obvious Solution


A vape smoke detector works much like a smoke detector, but instead of detecting smoke and alarming, it detects vapor emitted from common vape pens like Juul, Vuse, etc. A vape smoke detector can alarm and alert you when anyone is using a vape or smoking. It stops teens and others vaping outside your business location and also keeps the air fresh for those wanting to use your business too. By using a vape smoke detector you can rest easy that kids aren’t vaping right outside when you’re inside making sure your business is a success.


Keep Air Clean


It’s so important to promote healthy and clean air. First, it means you and your employees don’t have to worry about second hand smoke or vapor. Remember, second hand vapor can cause serious damage in inhaled overtime. You need to make sure that you stop this from happening. The best way is a vape smoke detector because it means you don’t have to police the outside limits of your business but you can also use signage, CCTV, and engagement with the local community.


Get The Community Onside: Work With The Local School


If your business is suffering from teens vaping nearby, speak to nearby schools. They’re probably aware of the problem and are why the kids aren’t vaping there. If you work with the school you might be able to do something and stop it from happening. The plus here is that you’ll then be able to shout about how your business is working with local schools and educational infrastructure to make the area better and ensure kids are healthier. It’s a simple way to help paint your business in the right light.


The Vape Detector: The Art Of The Deterrent


Of course, simply having a detector in place might be enough to stop some of the vapers. No one wants to set off an alarm or vape while an alarm is blaring in their ear. So, you need to make sure the vape smoke detector is visible. Choosing where to place your vape detector is important. It needs to be close enough to the vaping to detect the vapor but also visible, while being out of the way of anyone wanting to vandalize your property.


Promote Clean Living

Do all you can to promote clean living. Local schools will help in this regard too if the problem is coming from its local student population. Think about promoting cycling on a consistent basis. Riding a bike, whether an electric bike or a normal bike to school is a great way to keep fit. People who smoke or vape will have trouble doing this because they naturally have less stamina. If your business promotes health you can start to ease the problem. For example, if teens are attracted to your business but vape outside, you can say that if they ride a bike to your business they can get a small discount. It’s small, but it’s something different that once again will leave you in better standing with the community.