Use of psychometric tests in career guidance and employment


For most employers, ensuring to hire the best candidates for jobs seems challenging. Especially during mass hiring, it becomes daunting to make well-informed decisions about hiring candidates. In such instances, the role of a psychometric test is incredible to make things easier. Psychometric assessments play a pivotal role in better career-defining and employment. These assessments work on the basis of the mental skill evaluation of candidates on various aspects. However, before implementing this testing technology, it is vital to understand it. In this blog post, you will know what is psychometric assessment and its various types.

The use of a psychometric test in employment

Psychometrics works as a broad-spectrum assessment of various domains. This test measures the abilities of candidates in terms of numerical, logical, verbal, and emotional abilities. These assessments are performed through an online assessment tool. Thus, it produces results on the basis of objective questions attempted by candidates. Then it enables employers to determine candidates’ performance and problem-solving capabilities. Assessing candidates on these levels gives insight to companies on how candidates can fit into job roles.

Types of psychometric tests used by employers

There is a variety of psychometric assessments based on the unique perspectives of specific skills and abilities of candidates. These tests can check:

  • Candidates’ skills and mental abilities
  • Candidates’ aptitude skills
  • Identifies personality traits of candidates

A psychometric test is classified in various forms to evaluate these abilities. So, let’s look below what are main types of this test.

Skill evaluation

This test comprises questions related to the specific skill set which is required for a job role. The primary aspect of this test is to check how efficiently candidates can deploy their skills to competency. For instance, if the role is related to payroll and financing, the skill test may rely on creating the right mathematical formulae. Hence, it can identify the skills of candidates on the basis of the final score delivered by the tool.

Personality test

This form of a psychometric test evaluates the reactions and behaviors of candidates. This section of the test assesses the behavior and mental strength of candidates on the basis of different situations. If there are leadership skills required for a role, this test can evaluate candidates on a specific basis. This test helps employers to determine whether the candidate is suitable based on the task approaches.

Aptitude skills

This particular test checks for the general skills of candidates for verbal, logical, inductive, and numerical reasoning. The test is somewhat related to IQ testing and candidates have to answer a set of questions.

FAQ: Why is psychometric assessment advantageous for employers?

A psychometric test is incredibly suitable to give critical insights to employers on candidates. It checks for the personality, mental abilities, and general skills of candidates. Thus, having the right hiring perspective helps recruiters to make valuable decisions. Consequently, it turns into time and cost savings for companies. That’s why this test is advantageous for employers.

To sum up

Apart from the types, there are many features and benefits of conducting psychometric test evaluations. This assessment tool can bring cost-efficiency to the hiring process by eliminating unwanted hiring expenses. In addition to this, employers can get standardized results to make unbiased hiring decisions. Thus, it can help candidates in better career guidance and facilitate employers to find the best talent.