Upselling Strategies You Can Use in Your Hotel This 2023

Upselling Strategies You Can Use in Your Hotel

Upselling has become a major tactic for hoteliers to increase revenue. The concept of upselling is simple: provide guests with better experiences and higher quality services, thus generating more money from each guest by charging a premium for the added value. In 2022, hoteliers have seen increased revenue thanks to upselling strategies. Here are several upselling tactics to try this 2023, if you haven’t yet.

Room Upgrades

Room upgrades are a great way for hotels to increase their average daily rate (ADR). Offering upgraded amenities such as larger rooms, flat-screen TVs or even complimentary breakfast can sway guests into spending more on their stay. You can also give them the option to choose their beddings for a price. For this, you have to look for a supplier of wholesale blankets and pillows that are ultra-comfortable and a little extra luxurious.

Early Check-In and Early Check-Out

Early check-in and early check-out options can be offered at an additional cost to encourage guests to stay longer. Providing this flexibility can benefit both the guest’s convenience and the hotel’s revenue, as guests are more likely to take advantage of these services if they find them worthwhile.

Added Services

Hotels can offer additional services such as airport shuttle services, spa treatments, and other activities that provide added value and convenience to their guests.

Leisure Activities

In addition to providing extra services, hotels can offer leisure activities such as sightseeing tours and special events. This can be a great way to make more money while offering guests a unique experience.

Package Deals

Package deals are an excellent way for hotels to increase their revenue by selling multiple services at once. For example, they could offer packages that include tickets to local attractions, spa treatments, and meals at the hotel restaurant.

Souvenirs Displayed at the Lobby

Another tactic to upsell guests is to display souvenirs and other goods in the hotel lobby. This can entice guests to spend just a few more dollars on items that remind them of their stay.

Drinks at the Bar

Drinks can be a great way for hotels to upsell guests. They can offer special cocktails and other beverages that will encourage guests to stay longer at the bar and buy more drinks.

Partnerships with Other Establishments

Partnering with other establishments nearby can also be a great way for hotels to upsell. They can offer discounts or other incentives for guests who use their preferred partners, thus encouraging them to check out the services of those establishments during their stay. These establishments can be a nearby cinema, salon or ice cream shop.

Room Extras

Room extras such as minibars, slippers and other amenities can also be offered for an additional cost. These small luxuries can often be the deciding factor in whether or not a guest will stay at the hotel, so offering them is a great way to increase revenue.

Upselling is an effective strategy for hotels looking to increase their revenue without having to raise their room rates significantly. By applying these upselling tactics, hotels can provide guests with added value and convenience while increasing profitability in the long run.