Unveiling the Charm of Hexagon Floor Tiles: A Journey through Time and Style


Hexagon floor tiles have fascinated design enthusiasts for centuries with their versatile charm.  They are tiles with six equal sides that fit together to create awesome patterns. People have thought these tiles were super stylish for hundreds of years.

In this article, we’ll learn all about the history of hexagon floor tiles, why they are still so popular today, the different materials and designs you can get, and how to use them in your home. Hexagon tiles can make any room look amazing, whether you prefer a modern, trendy look or a classic, vintage feel.

The History of Hexagon Tiles Across the World

Hexagon shaped tiles have been used to create beautiful floors and walls for a very long time. Way back in ancient Rome, around 200 BC, people were making mosaics out of hexagon tiles in fancy villas. The tiles formed geometric patterns that looked really neat. Over the centuries, hexagon tiles became part of architecture all over the world.

For instance, in Morocco, colorful hexagonal tiles called zellige tiles are frequently used in buildings with Islamic architecture. The tiles form super intricate patterns.

In Victorian times in Europe in the 1800s, many homes had hexagon tile floors arranged in cool designs like honeycombs and flowers. Famous buildings like the Parliament Building in Budapest even have hexagon floor tiles as part of their detailed architecture.

So as you can see, hexagon floor tiles have been used for centuries all over the world to add artistic flair to all kinds of architecture and design styles. These tiles definitely stand the test of time!

Hexagon Tiles in Modern Homes

Despite their long history, hexagon tiles remain incredibly popular in modern home design. For example, from 2017 to 2020, searches for “hexagon tile” on Pinterest increased by 197%. That shows people have a new interest in using these tiles in modern houses. Interior designers and regular people alike are finding creative ways to use hexagon tiles in all kinds of rooms in their homes like kitchens, bathrooms, and entryways.

The geometric shapes of these tiles create bold patterns and textures, giving a modern and artistic appearance. Neutral colored hexagon tiles create a simple, minimalist look that is on trend right now. Meanwhile, polished stone or marble hexagons make rooms feel really luxurious and fancy.

The fact that hexagon tiles come in so many materials, colors and styles means they can look awesome in any kind of room, from cozy cottages to sleek modern apartments. Their come-back is just getting started – these timeless tiles aren’t going anywhere!

Pick Your Perfect Hexagon Tiles

What makes hexagon tiles so popular is that there are so many different materials, colors, and styles to choose from. For a classic, elegant look, marble, stone, or ceramic tiles are great. Recycled glass or textured porcelain tiles are cool modern options that are also sustainable and super durable.

When it comes to style, anything goes! Some fun options are orderly honeycomb patterns, floral vintage designs, bold geometric shapes, or a mix of eclectic random tiles. Contrast is key, so try mixing up colors and textures, like pairing black slate with cream porcelain.

Dark dramatic blue or slate black hexagons make a bold statement, while soft beiges and creams make small spaces feel open and airy. With all the choices available, you can find the perfect type of hexagon tile for any room’s style you’re going for!

Hexagon Tiles Work With Modern Design Trends

Another reason hexagon tiles remain so popular is that they actually work really well with a lot of modern interior design trends! For minimalist, simplistic spaces, neutral toned hexagon tiles add subtle texture without being too overpowering. The geometric shapes match minimalism’s use of repetitive lines and patterns.

In urban industrial lofts, weathered concrete or brick hexagon tiles complement exposed pipes and unfinished walls to create an edgy, warehouse chic vibe. The tiles make the industrial style feel more natural and cozy.

Hexagons are also all over Scandinavian and modern farmhouse style homes because they perfectly fit the casual, coastal or country look. So even though they’ve been around for ages, hexagon tiles fit right in with the most popular interior design styles today!

Tips for Picking and Installing Your Hexagon Tiles

While hexagon tiles offer tons of creative options, installing them takes some planning! First, really think about what overall look, feel and style you want for the room. Then choose the best tile material, color, size and pattern layout to match that style.

Lighter, smaller hexagons make small spaces seem bigger and more open. Bold contrasting hexagons create a major visual impact. Be sure to order 10-15% extra tiles for easier repairs down the road.

For installing, make sure you prep the floor so it’s nice and even. Plan the tile layout carefully and precisely. The grout lines should be narrow, only 1/16″, for the cleanest look. Get a professional tile installer if you can to ensure the tiles fit tightly together and the floor is perfectly level. Installing each hexagon tile neatly takes a lot of time and patience to get it just right. But it’s worth it in the end!

Caring for Your Hexagon Tile Floor

With proper care, hexagon tile floors can last a very long time, especially porcelain tiles. Make sure to completely seal and reseal the tiles often with a sealant to prevent stains or cracks. Vacuum frequently to remove dirt and dust before it builds up.

Use only gentle, pH neutral tile cleaners, not harsh chemicals, to clean. Avoid too much water or scrubbing hard. Immediately wipe up any spills. Re-seal the grout every 1-2 years to maintain its appearance. Address any damaged or missing grout or tiles right away to prevent bigger issues down the road. If you take good care of them, your hexagon tile floor can stay looking fabulous for generations!

Design Inspiration for Hexagon Tiles

Need some inspiration for how to use hexagon tiles creatively in your home? There are so many amazing examples from interior designers, architects and regular homeowners to spark your creativity!

Designers have used simple white subway-style marble hexagon tiles to create super calm, spa-like bathrooms. Bold mixes of materials like black slate, white ceramic and silver travertine make awesome kitchen backsplashes. Soft wood-look hexagon tiles in sunny yellows or misty greys can make living rooms feel cozy and natural.

Honeycomb patterns in contrasting colors at the entryway make a cool first impression. Durable porcelain hexagon tiles can even be used outdoors on patios and around pool decks!

If you visit websites like Houzz, you’ll discover thousands of photos showcasing creative hexagon tile installations by regular people, just like you. Let all the amazing designs motivate you and get your creative juices flowing for how to use these awesome tiles in your own space! The possibilities are endless.


  1. What makes hexagon floor tiles unique?

Hexagon tiles have an awesome geometric shape that allows you to create fun patterns. They are super versatile – you can use them to design modern, traditional, or other styles. Hexagons are also durable flooring that will last a long time. The interlocking design makes them extra stable.

  1. What are some popular hexagon tile colors and styles?

Hexagon tiles come in so many cool options! Some top choices are black & white retro, bold navy or green for modern, terra-cotta or stone for Mediterranean vibes, and multicolor mosaics for a Moroccan look. Popular neutral tones are white, beige and gray.

  1. How can I use hexagon tiles in my home?

Hexagons are really flexible in how you can use them. Make a bold flooring statement in an entryway or kitchen. Use them subtly in a bathroom or laundry room. Large hexagons can be a unique backdrop in your living room. Mix and match colors and textures for interest. They pair well with both traditional and contemporary furniture choices.