Turn Any Tablet Into an AI-Powered Kronos TimeClock


As the sun sets on the UKG WFC and the Kronos 4500 Time Clock, UKG users face the reality that support for these systems will soon end. If you’re currently relying on Kronos Time Clocks, particularly the 4500 model, you’re likely searching for a more advanced alternative to meet your workforce management needs. Look no further than CloudApper AI Time Clock. CloudApper AI offers a cutting-edge and highly distinctive time clock solution that seamlessly replaces the functionality of Kronos. What’s more, CloudApper AI Time Clock is designed to be versatile, working seamlessly on any tablet device, ensuring flexibility and convenience for your workforce. Transitioning to CloudApper AI Time Clock ensures that you’ll continue to enjoy efficient time tracking and management without the limitations of outdated systems.

To Replace Kronos Time Clock, Use CloudApper AI.

CloudApper AI Time Clock emerges as the optimal alternative to the Kronos Time Clock, presenting a comprehensive array of functionalities designed to streamline and enhance time and attendance management. With its intuitive self-service capabilities, employees can effortlessly initiate shift cover requests, request time off, access their work schedules and timecards, and efficiently check their accrual balances. This adaptable solution extends its prowess to time capture, allowing organizations to transform iPads or tablets into efficient UKG timeclock devices. This, in turn, enables employees to clock in through a variety of methods like face ID, QR codes, barcodes, or NFC, catering to diverse preferences. A standout feature is CloudApper AI Time Clock’s robust data capture capabilities, enabling organizations to capture intricate details such as job transfers, pay codes, and employee tips for compliance. It further facilitates attestation, ensuring adherence to employment regulations, and facilitates the collection of valuable employee insights through customizable questionnaires. Seamlessly integrating with UKG software, CloudApper AI Time Clock presents an unmatched solution for elevating time management efficiency to new heights.

Key Features of CloudApper AI Time Clock

CloudApper AI Time Clock stands as a dependable, secure, and user-friendly alternative to conventional Kronos Time Clocks. Its enriched functionalities, encompassing biometric facial verification, advanced reporting tools, and mobile capabilities, offer distinct advantages over traditional time clocks. Let’s delve into the key features that set CloudApper apart:

Self-Service Empowerment: Grant employees the autonomy to manage their time-related tasks by seamlessly submitting shift cover requests, requesting time off directly from the time clock, accessing work schedules and timecards, and effortlessly checking accrual balances for vacation, sick leave, and other benefits.

Seamless Time Capture: Revolutionize your iPads or tablets into UKG time clock devices, simplifying employee punch submissions through diverse methods like facial ID, QR codes, or barcodes. The adaptable time capture process can be tailored to match your organisation’s unique requirements.

Comprehensive Data Capture: Streamline record-keeping and workflow management by capturing crucial data concerning job transfers and pay codes. Moreover, CloudApper AI Time Clock facilitates the accurate recording of employee tips data for compliance. It offers attestation features to align with employment and labour regulations.

In addition to these core features, CloudApper AI Time Clock holds numerous advantages over conventional time clocks like the Kronos 4500:

Cost Efficiency: CloudApper AI Time Clock eliminates the need for expensive time clock hardware and maintenance, leading to substantial financial savings for employers.

Enhanced Precision: By harnessing the potential of biometric technology, CloudApper AI Time Clock achieves an elevated level of accuracy in comparison to traditional counterparts. This capability significantly reduces errors and curbs instances of time theft.

Augmented Security: Integrating biometric technology into CloudApper AI Time Clock introduces an additional layer of security. This guarantees that only authorized personnel can perform clock-in and clock-out actions, bolstering workplace security measures.

Remote and Mobile Accessibility: CloudApper AI Time Clock offers seamless time tracking for remote and mobile workforces. This empowers employees to conveniently clock in and out from any location, enhancing flexibility and accommodating modern work arrangements.


As the sun sets on the UKG WFC and the Kronos 4500 Time Clock, organizations using these systems are navigating the transition to a more advanced and efficient time clock solution. CloudApper AI Time Clock emerges as the perfect replacement, offering a host of features that match and surpass traditional time clocks’ capabilities. Its versatile functionality, intuitive user experience, and integration capabilities make it a standout choice for organizations seeking to elevate their time and attendance management. By embracing CloudApper AI Time Clock, businesses ensure a seamless and smooth transition from outdated systems to cutting-edge solution that meets and anticipates their unique workforce management needs. With CloudApper AI Time Clock, the future of efficient time tracking and management is here.