Travis Drake Lee Chapman: Duane Chapman’s Grandson

Travis Drake Lee Chapman

Travis was born in 2002 to Barbara Katie Chapman and Travis Drake Lee Mimms. His parents led a simple life, but he came to the spotlight after his mother’s death. His mother died on the eve of her father’s wedding. Travis was four years old at the time of her death. Left in his father’s custody, a video of him being punished surfaced and stirred his bounty hunter grandfather to seek custody of his grandson.

Did Chapman get his grandchild’s full custody? What happened to Travis Chapman? How did his mother die? These are some of the few questions most Dog the Bounty Hunter’s fans seek answers to. Keep reading to get the answers.

Travis Drake Lee Chapman Age

Travis Chapman was born in 2002 to Travis Drake Lee Mimms and Barbara Katie Chapman. Travis lived with her mother until her untimely death on 1 May 2006, when she was involved in a gristly road accident and lost her life. Travis’ father took over the duly role of looking after his son. Travis’ childhood wasn’t a smooth one.

Firstly, a tape surfaced of Mimms disciplining his son by striking him several times. Travis would tell his father to his friends at school, and the school officials also disclosed to his grandfather that they were concerned about the boy’s well-being. Things would get worse when his teachers reported to Mimms about the issues raised by his son.

His grandfather, Chapman, would later come to Travis’ rescue by seeking custody of the boy. However, the tapes didn’t seem to have much impact on the case, and their authenticity was questioned. What followed was Chapman being awarded temporary custody of nine-year-old Travis.

However, another controversial tape surfaced of the young boy telling his father that he did not like living at his grandfather’s. In the tape, he’s heard telling Mimms that he loved him and wanted to go home. His caregivers weren’t hurting him, but he didn’t like being given candy and karting.

Details of what followed are blurry. Travis is 20 years old and has been kept from the limelight.

Travis Drake Lee Chapman’s Parents

His mother, Katie Barbara, was the daughter of Chapman and Lyssa Rae. Katie was 19 when she gave birth to Travis Chapman. She died at 23 after the car she was riding hit a tree. According to reports, the vehicle Katie and Scott Standefer II were riding was stolen, and they had been attempting to rent a room in a resort using a stolen credit card. She died on the eve of her father’s wedding to Alice Elizabeth “Beth.”

Travis’ father took over his custody after Katie died. From the tape and resulting custody battle, it’s clear Mimms had anger issues. In the controversial tape of his son calling him, he’s heard threatening to hurt his upstairs neighbors who recorded the original videos while he beat his son. He said he had never hurt his son nor left a mark on him.

Whether he has taken care of his son over the years remains unclear.

Wrapping Up

Travis’ grandfather seems caring, looking back at his wish to rescue him from Mimms’ hands, although the efforts were futile.