Travel and invest: the wonderful places in Dubai each expat should visit, investment-friendly Jumeirah Village Circle


Dubai is a truly fantastic city every tourist dreams of visiting at least once. Here you simply cannot limit yourself to the beach and the sea because incredible miracles await you at every step! Exciting adventure in theme parks, incomparable views from observation decks, excursions into the desert, or futuristic skyscrapers – none of the above will leave you indifferent. Plus, Dubai is one of the top cities popular among real estate investors. You can find villas for sale in Jumeirah Village Circle for expats or see available options for purchase during your city tours.

However, holidays in this UAE city will be very expensive in 2023. That is why tourists are often interested in what to see for free in Dubai on their own in the first place. Of course, it hardly makes sense to go here and not spend money at all. But there are many wonderful places and activities in the city that are fully or partially available to travelers without paying at all. Knowing these features of Dubai will allow you to save a lot without reducing the quality of your vacation.

The best free things to do in Dubai

The rapid development of the largest city in the UAE, which surprises tourists so much, was made possible thanks to the discovery of oil fields and the influx of capital. In the middle of the last century, Dubai residents did not use electricity and were unfamiliar with asphalt roads. In just 5-7 decades, the city has become one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world. Prospects for further growth were a priority, so the government’s strategy was based on using oil money for exquisite construction and attracting the best specialists.

As a result, it was possible to create a decent standard of living for the population, independent of the erratic market for raw material income. Centuries-old traditions and ultra-modern quarters of new Dubai are intricately intertwined in a new city filled with skyscrapers and technological marvels. Now Dubai, on the one hand, is a real museum of antiquities, and on the other, an innovative and technical miracle that appeared on the site of a barren desert.

Among the many attractions and best entertainment in the city, there are many that you can visit on your own and without any money at all. Some without restrictions, some only partially. Many of these places are proudly labeled “the most” by Dubai residents and listed as top attractions, making them the top recommendation in 2023.

Singing Fountains

One of Dubai’s free attractions highlights is watching the dancing jets of water from the tallest and most powerful fountain in the world. Colored streams of water soar to 150 meters in the evenings, when all the splendor of multi-colored illumination becomes visible. The lamps illuminate the Fountain Show and are also part of a enchanting performance. The music of classical and contemporary composers is accompanied by rhythmic dances of light and water. Tourists can look at the musical fountain from nearby buildings from the side of the embankment or the park.

Resort Madinat Jumeirah

The combination of oriental fairy tale motifs and science fiction visions of the cities of the future is embodied in a unique symbiosis that has become the basis for the design of this Dubai resort. The huge complex resembles medieval Venice during the heyday of this merchant republic. The idea of reproducing the details of ancient Italian architecture with openwork balconies and stone canal embankments belongs to the Jumeirah company.

The classical architecture of the Madinat Jumeirah resort is organically combined with innovative technologies that create a modern infrastructure and comfortable service for visitors. The route of an exciting walking tour runs along the banks of a system of artificial channels filled with azure sea water from the Persian Gulf.

Ras Al Khor Nature Reserve

Dubai’s most interesting free viewing platform is the wetland area for migrating birds, which was opened in the capital in 1985. More than 20,000 different species of birds fly to Dubai Creek for the winter. The populations of pink flamingos, which have become the hallmark of Dubai, stand out in the largest numbers. In 2007, the World Heritage Sites of Wildlife program officially included an unusual nature reserve within the city.

Aquarium in Dubai Mall

Many visitors and tourists worldwide can visit the aquarium at the Dubai Mall for free. The definition of “the largest” of similar objects in the world also applies to it. More than 100 species of marine fish and animals live in artificially created conditions of the oceanarium. Living conditions in the pool of concrete and glass are as close as possible to the natural marine environment. Observation platforms allow you to observe underwater life from many shopping and entertainment center points. Visitors pass glass walls with sharks and rays swimming behind them, and sometimes they find themselves in tunnels under the artificial ocean’s illuminated section.

Maximize your travel experience in Dubai

Of course, this list does not include all the places worth visiting in Dubai. This city is fraught with endless surprises and is ready to surprise you daily! Having been here at least once and seeing how beautiful it is, you will probably think about moving here to live. According to Emirates.Estate, there are many benefits to buying property in Dubai: 

  • Economic growth and business opportunities. 
  • Luxury housing. 
  • Excellent infrastructure. 
  • Quality of life and safety.


Immigration to Dubai is a step towards new opportunities and a quality life. Whether it’s your career ambitions, the desire to provide the best education for your children, or your desire to live in luxury and comfortable villas in Dubai, the city offers all this and more.