Top Reasons to Choose Northwest Electric and Excavation Inc. as Your Electrical Contractor


Looking for an electrical contractor can be a daunting experience, almost like searching for a needle in a haystack. Well, with Northwest Electrical and Excavation Inc., you’ll never have to note the difference. You can contact them at https://northwestee.com/.

Here are some top reasons to choose Northwest Electric and Excavation Inc. as your electrical contractor.

Vast Experience and Expertise

You’ve probably heard of the common phrase “Experience isn’t everything,” and in most cases, that saying holds true. But as an electrical contractor, experience is critical, which is what Northwest Electric and Excavation Inc. offer.

Having been founded in 2004, Northwest Electric and Excavation Inc. has, over the years, grown to become a successful, reliable, well-versed electrical contractor company. Over the 19 years they have been operational, Northwest Electric and Excavation Inc. has been able to refine its operations, which has resulted in efficient processes and high-quality standards.

So, what makes Northwest Electric and Excavation Inc.’s 19 years of experience as electrical contractors a vital reason to consider working with them?

Geographical Expertise: Experience has made them well-versed in the region they serve. They have a keen understanding of the local infrastructure and geography. This knowledge has helped them eliminate bottlenecks associated with terrain navigation and permit challenges. It also allows them to carry out any electrical project without guesswork.

Collaboration: Electrical installation projects are a collaborative effort between the project manager or owner and the contractor. Having worked with different clients for over 19 years, Northwest Electric and Excavation Inc. has learned the art of understanding the project’s entire scope and aligning it with the owner’s vision.

Attention to Detail

As an electrical contractor, being detail-oriented is one trait that must be inscribed in your skin. Electricity is highly dangerous; thus, nothing can be taken lightly if you are working in this industry. And Northwest Electric and Excavation Inc. understands that fully. Their attention to detail starts when you purchase the items, materials, and tools needed for the project.

They ensure that the materials you purchase are high quality, work well together, and will provide a finished result that can endure the test of time. Aside from evaluating the quality of items, Northwest Electric and Excavation Inc. also understand what they are working on. Having worked with electricity for over 19 years, they know how to read and understand specifications, which is a vital foundation for any successful project.

Team Work

When it comes to electrical design, no man is an island, and two hands are better than one. This is an aspect that Northwest Electric and Excavation Inc. is familiar with. They know the value of teamwork as it helps catch a mistake that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. The Northwest Electric and Excavation Inc. team consists of skilled electricians in the area. They have learned how to work as part of a team and receive feedback from the numerous clients they’ve worked with.

Full Transparent Pricing

Pricing is one aspect you can’t fail to discuss when talking about the top reasons to choose Northwest Electric and Excavation Inc. The pricing they offer is transparent, meaning there are no hidden rates. Everything they handle and the expenses they might incur are all factored into the final quote.

So, how do Northwest Electric and Excavation Inc. determine their pricing? First, they consider the materials and tools required for the project. This may include items like junction boxes, wiring, circuit breakers, receptacles, electrical outlets, fixtures, and switches. Remember, the type and quality of materials needed depend on every project Northwest Electric and Excavation Inc. undertakes.

Second, Northwest Electric and Excavation Inc. factors in the project’s labor. Some factors that impact the employee hours required include:

  • The size and type of electrical system
  • Accessibility to the project location
  • The number of circuits or power sockets to be replaced or installed
  • Presence of obstacles or hazardous materials.

Lastly, location and travel factors also significantly affect the overall cost. Also, if any location-specific challenges may arise during the project, that is also accounted for in the price. These challenges include parking restrictions, limited access to the location, or the requirement of special permits.

When all is said and done, one huge telltale sign of an electrical contractor you can trust is a genuine show of care. Northwest Electric and Excavation Inc. take its clients’ needs seriously. This is why they strive to ensure they get the job done in a quality fashion, on budget, and on time. So, if you require a skilled and professional electrical contractor, don’t hesitate to contact Northwest Electric and Excavation Inc.