Top 5 Trending T-Shirt Styles


From navy undergarments to farm work clothing and, finally, casual, fashionable outerwear, the t-shirt is one of the most iconic fashion items you’ll find today. So, what’s there to love about t-shirts? For one, they are absolutely comfortable and can fit everyone. Plus, they are versatile, which means not only do they come in various designs, but you can also style them to fit your occasion.

That said, t-shirts are one of the few fashion statements that never run out of style. And, every few years, new stylish trends come up, making waves in the industry. So, if you love throwing on a t-shirt to complete your casual fit, here are some top 5 trendy ideas you should definitely check out:

1. Crystal Wash T-Shirts

If you’ve always had a thing for tie-dye or are looking for something that’s truly unique, you should grab a couple of crystal wash tie-dye t-shirts. Crystal wash is a relatively new cutting-edge low-immersion garment dyeing that creates sharp, beautiful and unique crystal-like patterns. The technique involves wrapping a random piece of the shirt before the dyeing process for deeper color penetration in some areas.

The best thing about a crystal wash t-shirt is that every single one is individually made, meaning each t-shirt has its very own unique pattern.

2. Illustrated T-Shirts

Imagery is still a much appreciated concept for trendy t-shirt designs. While the idea is far from new, it has evolved over the years to keep up with modern fashion trends and demands. T-shirt prints today are characterized by alluring graphics, which typically feature anything from logos to bold-colored prints. But a recent trend has been emerging, that is illustrated t-shirts.

These are pretty similar to graphic t-shirts. However, the designs are much more intricate and typically have a hand-drawn effect. So, you can say creating illustrated t-shirts is a complicated process, which is why they are so prized.

3. Mineral Wash T-Shirts

You can never go wrong with a dyed t-shirt. Combine that with a vintage design, and you’ve got something timeless. Mineral wash shirts are a favorite among people of all ages. The style, which can only be described as something between bleaching and dying, gives garments a weathered, vintage appearance.

This tee became famous back in the 80s within the underground music scene and typically features a heavy, cotton material in darker colors that’s both high-quality and comfortable. It’s definitely a great choice if you are more of a subtle style kind of person but still want to look unique and fashionable.

And you can definitely pair this t-shirt with nearly anything!

4. Bold Back Prints

With most printed t-shirts, the back is usually left empty. Or if it has anything printed, it’s usually minimal and doesn’t really stand out. But a new trend has recently emerged where the back of the t-shirt has become a show-stopper.

We’re talking about bold prints. Now, the creativity here is unlimited, from funny or cheeky statements to big, bold images. Typically, these t-shirts have little going at the front or maybe completely plain so that all the attention goes to the back.

5. 3D Typography Designs

Modern technology has definitely stretched the possibilities of human imagination. Today, you can create 3D designs on a computer and have them printed on a t-shirt. 3D typography t-shirts, which feature 3D letters in any font, color, or structure, are especially popular today.

Like tie-dye t-shirts, 3D typography t-shirts are versatile and come in all kinds of designs. And you can get one with a custom message to appeal to or evoke a specific emotion.

Want to Revamp Your T-Shirt Collection? Get Started with These 5 Trending Designs

There are very few items you can have in your closet that you can wear for years but also style with nearly everything. And t-shirts rank up there in this small list. That said, you can never have too many tees. And the designs and styles in the market are truly endless.

So, if you’re looking for new t-shirt designs to refresh your wardrobe or add to your collection for more variety, these five trendy styles will surely take your style up a few levels.