Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Roofing Terre Haute, IN Company Before Hiring



If you are after top-quality roof work, it’s important to ask any potential roofer a set of questions before using their services. Before you can ask the roofer any question you’ll find here, visit their official website to see the services they offer. Their official website must have some information and solutions you are after.

Any experienced roofing firm will freely and boldly include relevant information on their official site, including licenses, insurance, and more. Are you looking for roofing companies near me to pick the perfect match? Here are the top 5 questions you’ll need to ask. The best roofing company will provide solutions to all these questions effortlessly.

Are You Insured and Licensed?

You need to be sure that your roofing company of choice is insured and licensed. Research and learn what the local codes are. Make sure that the company you hire has the appropriate paperwork and permits to work on your structure.

  • Insured: Each roofing company must be fully insured. It should have general liability, as well as worker’s comp and company vehicle insurance policy.
  • Licensed: With a valid license, it means that your roofer is registered with your local and state authority.

How Long Has the Roofing Company Been in Business in Your Area?

It’s vital to know how long the roofing company in question has been in business in your area. With a solution to this question, you can be sure that you’re hiring a firm that is:

  • Well-established
  • Has much-needed experience, and a strong history in your current area.

This doesn’t mean that the longer a roofer has been in the business makes them perfect for your project. Your roof is one of the most expensive parts of your home. That means you want to ensure that the roofer will be around to solve any issues urgently.

You need to keep in mind that newer roofing firms will most likely offer affordable services due to lower overhead. While this isn’t necessarily bad, it is something to strongly consider when picking your roofing contractor.

Do You Have a Portfolio of Your Previous Work?

Another important piece of information you need to collect is a portfolio of the previous work. Ask your roofer for references for jobs performed in the last three to six months. Any experienced and reputable roofer should be more than happy to provide you with multiple references upon request.

Once you receive these references, you need to verify the experience of the past clients with the roofer by contacting them yourself. Specifically, some questions that you can find answers to include:

  • What type of warranty did the roofer provide?
  • How did the roofing company clean up after the project?
  • During the roofing project, how did the roofer safeguard your property?
  • Did the roofing team complete the project on time?

Excellent references allow you to establish trust with the roofing company. If the roofer isn’t willing to provide you with references, it is a sure sign that you should not invest your time and money.

How Do You Protect My Property During the Roofing Process?

Roofing not only involves new projects. Sometimes, you may want to replace your roof. If this is the case, how does the roofer protect your property? It’s the responsibility of the roofing company to protect everything in your home, from light fixtures and windows to lawn and landscaping.

Some roofing firms include a clause that they aren’t liable for property damage in their roof estimate’s fine print. If the roofer causes damage, all they need to do is show you the clause indicating that they aren’t responsible.

What Warranties Does the Roofing Company Offer?

It’s also vital to know the warranties that your roofing firm offers. If it offers, what are the extra expenses? Reputable roofers shouldn’t only use quality materials with substantial warranties but also guarantee their services for several years. Pick a roofing firm that offers longer warrantees since that is a perfect indicator of confidence in their work and materials.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to install, replace, or repair your existing roof. You need to find the best roofer in your area. As you look for the perfect roofing expert, be sure to ask these five crucial questions. The answers you’ll obtain are enough to enable you to make the final decision.