Top 5 CNC Machining Companies in Spain



No. Machining Company Year Established
2 TDL Mould 1995
3 Nicolás Correa 1989
4 MetalStore CNC 2002
5 Cruz CNC Technology 1970


The Spanish CNC machining industry is currently undergoing significant transformation, positioning itself at the forefront of the global market . As technology and innovation continues to improve, Spanish companies have adopted the latest CNC machinery that provides unparalleled precision in production processes. This change not only strengthens the competitive power of Spain in manufacturing but also promotes changes towards more environmentally friendly and also economical production methods. This has enabled the CNC machining sector in Spain to raise the benchmarks when it comes to quality and reliability, thereby contributing towards making the country become a center of advanced manufacturing solutions. This article analyzes some of the top 5 CNC machining companies that stand out in Spain’s manufacturing sector.


Mecanitzats J. Sille­ro is a family owned company with more than 25 years experience in the precision machining industry. The company specializes in machining complex and highly technological components, and focuses on supplying products and services where quality is critical. Technological innovation and constant improvement are the key factors that have made the company stand out from their competitors. Mecanitzats J. Sille­ro has a machine park equipped with state-of-the-art machines, featuring 5-axis machining centers, multi-tasking CNC machines, horizontal and vertical machining centers, CNC lathes and mills and other conventional machines from Okuma. The company offers a wide range of se­rvices such as machining of precision parts, CNC robotic systems for automation in loading and unloading parts, adapting  machines to be more user-frie­ndly and installing smart cabinets for bette­r organization in processes. They have­ a quality control department equipped with all the devices nee­ded for measuring and testing to ensure uncompromised quality.

Address: Tordera, Spain

Contact: +34 937 650 162

Year Established: 1998

Advantages: Specializes in machining of precision parts using advanced CNC machines from popular suppliers like Okuma.

2. TDL Mould


TDL Mould, which was founded in 1995, is one of the global leaders in CNC machining, providing customized solutions for both plastic and metal components. This ISO 9001, AS 9100 and IATF 16945 certified company is known for its professionalism in a variety of industries such as the automotive sector, aviation industry or Industrial Automation Robotics. The focus of TDL Mould on precision manifests itself in its machining facility, which contains two Beijing JingDiao 5-axis CNC machines, three high-precision, five -axes CMS mills and fifty nine lathes. These large sets of equipment allow the company to reach an unparalleled precision of ±5μm, being able then to undertake difficult mechanical engineering and design applications. The company has great expertise in the manufacture of precision automotive and also aerospace motor parts, optical lenses, reflectors as well as LED arrays. In addition to the production of bulk machined parts, TDL Mould also has expertise in the development of prototypes and low volume production. With the promise of a quick delivery in 3-4 working days, TDL Mould’s flexibility gives a lot of credence to its commitment towards customer satisfaction. TDL Mould has expanded its global presence to Spain, where it has partnered with many local manufacturers offering reliable and affordable CNC machining solutions without compromising on quality.


Year Established: 1995

Advantages: Specializes in the CNC machining and  injection molding design with ISO 9001, AS 9100 and IATF 16945 quality certifications and a global presence.

3. Nicolás Correa


Nicolás Correa is a Spanish-based CNC machining company that is known for its commitment to excellence in the global market through specialized milling machines which are customized depending on the different needs of several industries. The company has an extensive product line encompassing various milling machines including the fixed bed, floor type machines, mobile table bridge, gantry type bridgeside and top gantry type bridge machines, engineered with superior precision and innovation. Nicolás Correa is dedicated to technological development and customer satisfaction. The company is a forerunner in the CNC machining industry and has done so by aligning its products to match the changes within the market. The range of services offered by Nicolás Correa focuses on the development and production of these top-of-the-range mill machines which are widely recognized for their dependability, efficiency and precision.

Address: Burgos, Spain

Contact: +34 947 288 100

Year Established: 1989

Advantages: Specializes in the manufacture of precision milling machines such as fixed bed, floor type machines, mobile table bridge, gantry type bridgeside and top gantry type bridge machines.

4. MetalStore CNC


MetalStore CNC is a machining company based in Málaga, Spain, specializing in the manufacture of plasma cutting and oxy-fuel cutting equipment. With over 19 years in the industry, the company has positioned itself as a reliable manufacturer of these cutting machines focusing on quality which out-lives its costs. This is made possible by their manufacturing procedure, where all parts are locally designed and assembled providing high quality products with available spare items. The company’s core products include the plasma cutting machines produced by Tecnomec and manufactured in Spain. One of their remarkable features is the synergic digital control with a microprocessor. It can cut thicker materials using the same amperage range, when compared to other machines in the market. Additionally, all the models are CNC compatible and have contact arc ignition for use on the cutting tables as it can be used in the sections of steel metals. MetalStore CNC’s commitment to high customer satisfaction extends beyond the products. All the equipment supplied by the company comes with a 1-year warranty, covering any manufacturing defects or early issues. In addition, MetalStore CNC provides local technical support in Spain through phone or email to meet all customer needs. This customer-oriented approach, combined with the business’ expertise and superior manufacturing standards, makes the company a reliable partner for businesses looking for quality CNC cutting solutions.

Address: Málaga, Spain

Contact: tel:+34 617 007 095

Year Established: 2002

Advantages: Specializes in the manufacture of CNC plasma cutting and oxy-fuel cutting equipment.

5. Cruz CNC Technology


Cruz CNC Technology is a Spanish company that deals with the design and manufacture of advanced machinery for cutting natural rock, artificial rocks and other compact material. As a pioneer in Spain with the advanced proprietary technology, Cruz CNC Technology has one of the most diversified ranges of machinery across Europe. The company offers a versatile product line with a wide range of products such as reliable cutting centers that provide unmatched machining accuracy, finishing equipment and polishers. Cruz CNC Technology also provides a special Monoblock bridge cutter which ensures high precision levels and productivity because of its robust solid structure. The company growth is guided by the core philosophy of continuous innovation of products, and quality services. This ethos is understood by all the workers where their creativity and also passion become the main source of company performance. To ensure customers’ satisfaction, Cruz CNC Technology delivers exceptional post-sale service with a standby customer support team ready to assist with all the complaints, comments or any suggestions for improvement. Cruz CNC Technologies operates with a few independent distribution partners as distributors across Europe and America to ensure its services and support are easily accessible.

Address: Murcia, Spain

Contact: +34 968 60 34 70

Year Established: 1970

Advantages: Offers a wide range of advanced CNC machining and cutting equipment for processing natural rocks, artificial rocks and other compact materials


In conclusion, the companies listed in this article are at the forefront of evolving the Spanish CNC machining industry towards modern technology and quality. With high-precision equipment investments, the use of novel software technologies and integration into the modern manufacturing processes these companies can improve their operational efficiency and product quality. Their constant efforts to keep up with global technological developments and continuous improvement of their services is what gives them a competitive edge in the international market.