Top 5 Best Trucking Insurance Companies


Do you know approximately 3.49 million truck drivers are navigating the roads of the United States? This leads to the rise in demand for reliable trucking insurance. Commercial trucks require higher coverage limits due to their size and the valuable cargo they carry, making it essential for trucking businesses to find the best insurance options available.

In this blog, we have done some research to bring you the top five trucking insurance companies that excel in providing comprehensive coverage, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service. Our evaluation considered crucial factors such as availability, customer satisfaction, coverage options, discounts, and the insurers’ financial strength.

Commercial trucking is challenging, and the risks involved underscore the necessity for proper insurance. Trucking insurance protects drivers and business owners from potential financial hardships, from accidents to cargo losses, liability disputes, to team member injuries. By exploring our carefully curated list of the best trucking insurance companies, you can decide to protect your trucking enterprise on the road ahead.


Progressive shines as the top choice for progressive commercial truck insurance due to its extensive coverage options, experience, and widespread availability across all 50 states. As the largest commercial auto insurer in the U.S., covering over 16% of the market, Progressive caters to various truck types, including box trucks, tow trucks, tractor-trailers, and more.

Their online quoting system and flexible coverage and payment options make it convenient for trucking businesses. Progressive offers expert support, specialized heavy truck claims service, and free state and federal insurance filings. With a focus on owner-operators and motor carriers, Progressive stands out as a tech-driven company with 24/7 claims support and innovative discounts.

State Farm Group

State Farm Group is a top choice for commercial truck insurance, offering unparalleled customer service and widespread availability in all 50 states. High consumer satisfaction ratings and below-average complaints make it a reliable option for insuring individual or fleet vehicles.

State Farm’s policies cover various commercial trucks, including pickup trucks, box trucks, and tractor-trailers, providing liability, collision, comprehensive, personal injury protection, medical payments, and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. Although online quotes are unavailable, their A++ (Superior) financial strength rating from AM Best ensures solid financial stability. State Farm’s comprehensive coverage and attractive discounts are ideal for trucking insurance needs.


GEICO, which stands for (Government Employees Insurance Company), has grown from its origin serving government employees to now insuring over 28 million vehicles and 16 million auto policies. A subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, under Warren Buffett’s leadership, GEICO boasts a stellar financial reputation with top ratings from Standard and Poor’s, Moody’s, and A.M. Best.

With a workforce of 38,000, GEICO operates 18 major offices across the U.S., delivering 24/7 online service. Committed to the military, GEICO offers special programs for servicemen and women. Beyond auto insurance, their offerings span motorcycle, home, life, and business coverage, reflecting their dedication to meeting diverse insurance needs.

Cover Whale

Cover Whale, led by insurance and technology experts, revolutionizes commercial auto insurance through tech-driven innovation. Their Driver Safety Program blends coverage with telematics, dash cams, and real-time coaching to enhance road safety and curb claims.

Working through 5,000+ agents, they offer the industry’s swiftest online quoting, nurturing $400 million in premiums. Prioritizing agent partnerships, Cover Whale champions safe driving for insured truck drivers. With a commitment to reshaping insurance, Cover Whale redefines commercial auto coverage for a safer, more efficient future.

The Hartford

Hartford is a market leader for fleets with unique programs and discounts intended for multi-vehicle companies. They’ve got you covered in all 50 states, offering thorough coverage for cars like dump trucks, ambulances, and trailers.

They mix risk management and technology in their fleet-specific programs and telematics equipment to ensure safety and reduce losses. Although they may not have many options for consumers with a single car, this platform excels when it comes to fleets. They are a dependable and trustworthy option for your insurance needs, offering additional complementary coverages and a spectacular 200-year history of supporting American businesses.

What Are The Perks Of Truck Insurance?

  • Financial Protection

 Truck insurance companies provide financial coverage against accidents, theft, or damage to the truck. They also help you avoid significant out-of-pocket expenses.

  • Liability Coverage

It offers liability protection, that covers the costs of injuries or property damage to others caused by your truck. They also make sure you are protected from potential lawsuits.

  • Cargo Protection

With specialized policies, they can cover the cargo transported, safeguarding your clients’ goods and your business reputation.

  • Legal Compliance

Truck insurance is often a legal requirement for commercial vehicles, that ensures you meet the mandatory insurance regulations and avoid legal penalties.

  • Peace of Mind

Comprehensive truck insurance gives peace of mind to drivers and business owners, knowing they are prepared for unforeseen incidents on the road.

  • Customizable Policies

Many progressive commercial truck insurance providers offer tailored packages. They allow you to choose coverage options that suit your trucking business needs and budget.


So now you know why trucking insurance is vital for protecting your business and assets on the road, but this is not enough to decide the best option that fits your trucking company needs. Consider to seek for insurance expert advice in the industry, contact a Trucking Insurance Agency to guide you in the buy or renewal of yout commercial trucking insurance.

By considering the perks and features of each, you can make an informed decision to protect your trucking enterprise and drive with peace of mind.

Choose from the top 5 best companies – State Farm Group, Progressive, GEICO Cover Whale, and The Hartford – for comprehensive coverage and excellent service.