Tips for Outsourcing Your Office Scavenger Hunt

Tips for Outsourcing Your Office Scavenger Hunt

An office scavenger hunt can reconnect your employees and strengthen their relationships. Planning a successful scavenger hunt is time-consuming, and it can be challenging to determine what activities would work best for your employees. Working with a company specializing in corporate team building can optimize your event to meet your goals. Here are six tips to help you find the best office scavenger companies for your team:

1. Research Companies

Business leaders can quickly organize an effective scavenger hunt with the right help, but it can be hard to find the right service. Not all team-building companies will fit your needs. When planning an event for a corporate office, stick to companies offering corporate team-building.

Some companies specialize in B2B models optimized for increased collaborations between corporate employees. B2C companies won’t be as effective for a workplace as they offer more basic hunts for a wider audience. Look for digital integrations, apps, and virtual platforms.

Scavenger hunts organized have varying prices based on the group size, adventure, location, season, and other factors. You need reputable companies that can provide value for your money. Top-rated companies offer quotes and are ready to customize your hunt. You can fill in basic details about your organization, including location, group size, and event date. Look for companies offering real-time support so that you can inquire about pricing and additional details.

2. Outline Your Resources

A team-building company will need some information to help organize your event. You will need to know the location, goals, number of participants, and time required for the hunt. A team-building company takes that information to create activities and challenges for your scavenger hunt. They can also give advice and suggestions based on the logistics of your employees.

It would be best to determine whether you want a scavenger hunt with physical or digital material. With a digital scavenger hunt, you can instantly access challenges and relay the rules to all teams with one click. Those that choose the digital options may want to test the app before the scavenger hunt.

3. Set Your Objectives

Defining objectives allows you to measure how each team performs at the end of the scavenger hunt. Organizations use scavenger hunts for can be used for team building, reconnecting, communication, problem-solving, collaboration, and more. Before you organize a scavenger hunt, determine what you want to achieve from the start. Defining your goals will help you find scavenging apps and activities that align with your needs.

4. Review Activities

Corporate team-building companies offer different activities depending on what the company is looking for. Before you schedule the event, review the other activities and challenges. The goal is to determine whether the challenges present enough complexities for your team. The challenges, trivia questions, riddles, and accomplishments should align with your team-building objectives.

Common parts of a scavenger hunt include trivia questions, riddles, and team-building activities. A variety of activities will keep things engaging and exciting. Activities can be made to be relevant to the company, so ask your team-building service about how they can work with you to add, remove, or customize challenges.

5. Prepare Employees

Everyone participating in the scavenger hunt should be prepared. Schedule a briefing or send out the necessary information to help participants prepare. Teams should know the objectives and timeframes. They may need to download a scavenger app and take photos, videos, and evidence of their accomplishments. If you choose a virtual hunt, the employees may need to make space on their gadgets and smartphones temporarily.

Your employees will need time to prepare for the scavenger hunt. Set aside enough time for the hunt. A typical scavenger hunt can take a couple of hours, but you can customize it based on your team’s needs. Find out how long each challenge takes and if the platform provides real-time results for each accomplished task. Digital scavenger apps can greatly simplify scheduling.

Work With A Virtual Office Scavenger Hunt Company

You deserve an office scavenger hunt built with your team in mind. Organizing scavenger hunts with a team-building company can help minimize stress, allowing you to focus on developing your employees. Business leaders should work with a company that organizes corporate organizations’ activities.