Granny Flat Living: Tips For A Smooth Transition Into Your New Space


Moving into a granny flat marks an exciting new chapter. Whether you’re downsizing, gaining some independence, or just looking for an affordable way to live near family, a granny flat offers a cozy space to call your own.

Of course, adjusting to small space living comes with its own set of challenges. From figuring out the best setup for your furniture to establishing boundaries with your hosts, creating a comfortable home requires some thought and planning.

Follow these tips to make sure your granny flat inclusions feel like home sweet home.

Take Stock Of What You Have

Before move-in day, take an inventory of all your belongings. This helps you realistically assess what can fit in your new digs. Be ruthless; the less you bring, the easier it will be to get situated.

Focus on essentials like clothes, kitchenware, linens, and sentimental items. If you plan to entertain guests, include some folding chairs and small side tables. Otherwise, keep furniture minimal with just key pieces like a bed, couch, and desk. You can add more later if you have room.

Edit Your Wardrobe

Your pared-down granny flat likely won’t accommodate an overflowing closet and dresser. Take the chance to edit your clothing down to only pieces you feel great wearing.

As each season changes, put away out-of-season items under the bed or in storage bins. Only keep a few go-to shoes and accessories within reach as well.

If you find you need more clothing storage after living in the space for a while, space-saving solutions like a hanging closet organizer or extra shelving can expand capacity.

Utilize Vertical Space

In small homes, unused vertical space presents prime storage and organization opportunities. Install shelves or slat wall systems on the walls to hold folded clothes, books, photos, and decorative items.

Hanging space is precious, too. So, make sure your closet has a sturdy rod and plenty of hooks for jackets, purses, and frequently worn items. A standing valet rod takes advantage of the vertical room as well.

Zone Your Areas

Delineate separate spaces within your open floor plan using area rugs and room dividers. Zone your sleeping, living, working, dining, and cooking areas to help differentiate the functions. This also allows some privacy if you have guests over.

Clever room dividers like curtains, folding screens, and bookcases keep spaces feeling separate without totally closing them off. Pay special attention to carving out an organized, inspiring workspace. This may be as simple as a small secretary desk tucked beside the window or bed.

Take Command Of Clutter

Messy clutter will quickly make your petite palace feel downright tiny. Set up systems to keep everyday items orderly, so you avoid tripping over stuff. Use trays and baskets to corral remotes, chargers, keys, and other pocket items.

Maintain clear surfaces like your dining table, dresser, and nightstands. Finally, block time weekly or monthly to tidy, purge what you don’t need, and do a deep clean. This habit keeps chaos at bay.

Let In Plenty Of Light

Natural light makes any small space feel more expansive and airy. Ensure your granny flat has ample windows to flood the interior with sunshine. Then, supplement with strategically placed lamps, overhead lighting, and roller shutters.

Additionally, go for adjustable fixtures and dimmers so you can control the ambiance. Sconces flanking the bed are perfect for reading without glaring light. Mirrors also ‘open up’ a room by reflecting and bouncing light around.

Enjoy The Outdoors

One perk of many granny flats is having access to a yard, patio, or deck just steps out your door. Capitalize on this bonus outdoor square footage as an extension of your living space when the weather allows.

Set up a bistro dining set right outside for impromptu meals al fresco. Arrange a couple of cozy chairs with a small table for your morning coffee routine or evening wind down.

Also, plant flower boxes and pots to add color right up to your entryway. You may even be able to negotiate outdoor storage space in the shed or garage to house bulky yard tools and recreational equipment.

Final Thoughts

While giving up square footage may feel daunting initially, embracing the freedom and community of granny flat living has its own rewards. Applying these practical tips for storage, lighting, outdoor integration, communication, and personalization ensures your petite new home feels comfy, orderly, and uniquely yours.

Soon, you’ll be hosting guests in your new favorite space and finding clever solutions to make it work even better. Transitioning to simplified living helps you focus on what matters most: connections with loved ones right outside your door.