Thorgils Leif: Family and Early Life

Thorgils Leif

When the name Thorgils Leif comes up, what mainly comes to mind is his father’s history and how he pioneered the birth of Vinland. Thorgils Leif is one of the sons of the famous Leif Erikson, best known as “Leif the Lucky.” This guide digs deep into everything we know about Thorgils Leaf and his family history. Buckle up, and let’s dive in!

Family and Early Life of Thorgils Leif

Thorgils Leif is the son of Leif Erikson, and his mother is Thorgunna. Thorgils was born in the Hebrides in Norway and had a step-brother called Thorkel Leif. His parents were not married, and his birth was a product of love that met Leif Erikson while sailing to Norway, and that’s when he fell in love with Thorgunna, a chieftain’s daughter.

Thorgils Leif spent most of his childhood living with his mom in the Hebrides. However, his mother later sent him to live with his father in Greenland. Unlike his father, not much can be said about Thorgils as he was less popular with the people. Nonetheless, he was proud to be the son of Leif Erikson, and his father’s fame surrounded the better part of his life.

Thorgils Leaf’s Parents

As noted earlier, Thorgils Leaf is mainly known thanks to his father’s fame. His mother was the chieftain’s daughter who fell in love with Leif Erikson while on his way to Norway. The two never married, but at least they got a son. Moreover, there are not many details revolving around his mother, but for Thorgils Leaf’s father, there is plenty we will discuss about him. Take a look!

First, it’s worth noting that Leif’s father was Eirik Thorvaldsson, better known as “Eirik the Red.” Leif’s father is best known for founding the earliest European settlement, current Greenland.

Leif was born in 970, and it was in 1000 that he decided to sail to Norway, during which he converted to Christianity. While on his way to Norway, Leif was believed to go off course and, in good luck, ended up exploring a new region called Vinland, making him the first European to explore the North American shores.

Leif’s mother was Thjodhild. After returning to Greenland, Leif ended up converting his mother to Christianity. Moreover, while he was in Greenland, his son, Thorgils Leaf, came to join him, but he was not the favorite family son. Instead, his brother Thorkel Leif was popular, and after his father’s death, he became a chief.

Leif Erikson had three siblings. His sister was named Freydis Eitiksdottir. His brothers were Thorvald Eiriksson and Thorstein Eiriksson. Not many details about Leif’s siblings are known, and his net worth is not determined. One fact, though, is that Leif had a good life and the voyages he undertook required resources to accumulate. Therefore, it’s wise saying Thorgils Leaf enjoyed his father’s resources in the short time he spent with him.

That’s all we have about Thorgils Leaf.