The Secret Of Superstar Singer Hair? Hair Extensions!


It’s a great truth in life that things are not always as they appear to be! Many young women admire their favourite female singing artists and wish that they could achieve the same strikingly beautiful looks those musical divas show off on stage, especially their incredible, lush, flowing hair! But, here’s a little secret- Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Taylor Swift and many other popular female artists are adding to what nature gave them with hair extensions!

If you want to look like your favourite superstars, all you have to do is do what they did! You can find them in any colour of the rainbow, so if you have naturally ginger hair you can simply apply some red hair extensions to it and look as fabulous as your idols do! There are many different types of hair extensions available, let’s take a look at two of the most popular ones, just like the stars use!

Fusion Hair Extensions – This style is also called bonding and involves fusing the extension to your natural hair with adhesives. It generally takes around three to four hours to have your hairdresser apply fusion hair extensions. This type of extension application has the potential to do damage to your real hair, making it unsuitable for some clients. If you are someone who doesn’t have the right type of hair to bond with the extensions, your hairdresser may advise you not to go with this method. A hot glue gun is used to apply the extension, or sometimes a heat clamp is applied to make the bond. This all sounds a bit harsh, but the advantage of this type of hair extension is that it lasts longer than many other types, only needing to be removed and re-positioned due to your natural hair growth every two to three months.

Microlink Hair Extensions – This popular method goes by several names, it is also known as micro loop hair extensions or micro bead hair extensions. The extensions are applied by attaching very small hair wefts to sections of your natural hair using a silicone-lined bead. The bead is secured to the hair by a special tool, which then tightens so it will stay in place. No heat or glue is needed for microlink hair extensions, but they can still damage your natural hair if not applied correctly, so the services of a trained hair extension professional are highly recommended. It’s possible for the bead to be too tight which puts pressure on the roots and pulls at them. If these extensions are not properly removed they can result in your own hair being yanked out, ouch! The microlink method generally takes about four hours for an application. It’s easy to wash these extensions, they are just like your natural hair and can handle most styling products. Much like fusion hair extensions, microlink hair extensions require re-positioning as your natural hair grows out from your scalp, generally every two to three months.

We hope this inspires you to try out these amazing hair extensions, it’s what the stars use to look fabulous, now you can do it, too!