The Magical Naples is Closer Than You Think



We’re guessing you’ve heard of Naples – who hasn’t? Perhaps, though, you haven’t yet visited this majestic city. It may seem like it is too far away, you may believe it isn’t within your budget, heck – you might not even be that interested (however doubtful)! We plan to detail this magical city in the following article, going over some little known gems, and places to visit that are slightly off the beaten (touristy) track. By doing so, it is our intention to assist you with developing the itinerary for a truly unforgettable trip to the timeless city of Naples. From the cathedrals, the ghettos, the long stairways, to the food – we’re going to cover it all. But, before we do so, there is first another important matter to discuss: airport transportation.

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With that out of the way, let’s do as the Italians say, and “Vai al Napoli”!

Pompeii & Mount Vesuvius

A location left in history since 79 AD, due to the eruption of the stratovolcano Vesuvius, which left the Roman city of Pompeii frozen in time. Today, it serves as a poignant reminder of the sheer power of nature, but also as a very interesting way to take a glimpse into the lives of the Pompeiians. The city has remnants of Roman, Greek and Etruscan architecture and history, although many other notable civilizations passed through the region. A trip from Naples to Pompeii and Vesuvius is incredibly easy when booking an airport taxi. You can even ask your cab driver to stick around and take you home after you’re done. 

Fontanelle Cemetery

A charnel house, or ossuary, located in a cave along the hillside close to Naples. This resting place was used by the local Neapolitans for centuries. Inside its ginormous walls, one can see the remains of thousands, whose skulls lay throughout the site. There are also many altars and statues dedicated to deities, as well as stacked and boxed skulls that make up morbid exhibitions. In the late 17th century, a flood had washed many of the skulls out of the ossuary and into the nearby town, providing an unpleasant surprise to the locals, who woke up to the sight. As the cemetery is close to Naples, one can easily visit it with the help of an airport transfer. If you prefer to get there yourself, ask your cab driver for directions. 

Piazza Bellini

A plaza located in the center of Naples, it is close to the Santa Maria di Costantinopoli road, making it easily accessible on foot, as well. A plaza has been present on this site since as far back as the 17th century, although it is only in recent years that it has become a local watering hole. If you want to enjoy the simplicity of daily Neapolitan life, head to this square for a coffee, or even a glass of wine. There are many ancient sites lying around for one to also visit, thus a trip here can fill an entire day! What won’t fill an entire day, though, is an airport transfer!

Amalfi Coast

A slightly further destination to visit, yet one that certainly is worth it, is the Amalfi coast. The prime location for jetsetters and supermodels, as well as the ultra rich, this coastal resort town is truly amazing. With crystal clear waters, and beautiful sandy beaches, you can either spend the day laid out in the sun, or even walk around discovering the region. Amalfi is famous for its delicious lemons, with the local liquor “Limoncello” being produced there. It has been rumored that the lemons are so sweet, one can eat them like an orange. 

Eat Local Food

Aside from the Limoncello, Napoli is also famous for its food. Who doesn’t know about Neapolitan Ice Cream? If you have a sweet tooth, then this frozen delight is definitely for you – but, that isn’t all! If you are more into savory delights, then Neapolitan Pizza will be right up your alley! Something in between could be the Sfogliatelle, which is a pastry covered in powdered sugar and can either come with a filling, or without. Another thing that Naples is famous for is its coffee. Some of the finest java you will ever sip on, is brewed right here. It is also believed that the modern Espresso Machine was based upon the flip coffee pot used in the city for years. 


We have covered sights, attractions and even food. What more could one need when visiting the beautiful coastal region of Naples? Well, aside from a reliable airport taxi, which we already covered, we can’t think of much more. Fill your days with fun activities and live like a Neapolitan for a while when visiting this timeless city. We hope this article provides a decent backbone for you to build your itinerary for any upcoming Naples trip. Happy Travels!