The Life and Legacy of Stellina Baker: An Overview of Her Family and Career

Stellina Baker was a member of a famous family that made significant contributions to the entertainment industry. Her mother, Josephine Baker, was a legendary dancer, actress, and singer who gained fame in the 1920s and 1930s. In this article, we will explore Stellina Baker’s family background, including her parents, siblings, children, aunts, grandparents, great-grandparents, and uncle. We will also discuss her own career and achievements.

Stellina Baker’s Early Life

Stellina Baker was born to Josephine Baker and her second husband, Jo Bouillon. She was the second of three children, with her siblings being Jean-Claude Baker and Akio Bouillon. Stellina spent her childhood in France, where her mother had moved to escape racism and prejudice in the United States. She grew up in a creative and artistic environment, surrounded by her mother’s friends and colleagues in the entertainment industry.


Stellina’s mother, Josephine Baker, was born in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1906. She rose to fame in the 1920s and 1930s as a dancer, singer, and actress. Josephine was one of the first Black women to become a worldwide sensation, and she used her fame to fight against racism and promote civil rights.

Stellina’s father, Jo Bouillon, was a French orchestra leader and composer. He and Josephine were married in 1947 and had two children together, Stellina and Akio.


Stellina had two siblings, Jean-Claude Baker and Akio Bouillon. Jean-Claude was Josephine’s adopted son and was born in 1935. He was a writer and restaurateur who opened the famous Chez Josephine restaurant in New York City in honor of his mother. Akio was born in 1952 and was Josephine’s youngest child. He became a musician and composer.


Stellina had two children, but their names and personal details are not publicly known.


Stellina’s aunts were Willie Mae Martin and Margaret Martin. Willie Mae was Josephine’s sister and was also known as “Chiquita.” She was a dancer and performed in Josephine’s shows. Margaret was Josephine’s half-sister, and little is known about her.


Stellina Baker’s maternal grandparents were Richard McDonald and Elvira McDonald. Not much is known about Stellina’s grandparents, except that they were African-American and lived in St. Louis, Missouri.

Stellina’s paternal grandfather was Eddie Carson. Eddie was a Vaudeville performer and was known as “The Midnight Cowboy.” He performed with his partner Ada Overton Walker and was a successful performer in the early 1900s. Eddie was also an accomplished songwriter and penned several popular songs of his era. Eddie had several children, including Stellina’s mother Josephine.


Stellina Baker’s great-grandparents were Richard McDonald and Elvira McDonald on her maternal side. There is no information available about Stellina’s paternal great-grandparents.


Stellina Baker’s uncle was Richard Martin. Not much is known about Richard, except that he was the brother of Stellina’s mother, Josephine Baker.


Stellina Baker had two aunts on her mother’s side: Willie Mae Martin and Margaret Martin. Margaret has one daughter, America Martin, and not much information is available about Willie Mae.

Stellina Baker’s Career and Achievements

While Stellina Baker did not achieve the same level of fame as her mother Josephine Baker, she did follow in her mother’s footsteps and pursued a career in entertainment. Stellina appeared in several films in the 1950s and 1960s, including “Princess Tam Tam” (1935), “Zou Zou” (1934), and “La Creole” (1953).

In addition to her work as an actress, Stellina was also a talented singer and dancer. She performed in various nightclubs and theaters throughout Europe and was known for her captivating stage presence.

More About Stellina Baker

Stellina Baker was born in 1921 in Paris, France. She was the daughter of Josephine Baker and her first husband, Willie Wells. Stellina had two siblings, Jean-Claude Baker and Akio Bouillon.

Despite being the daughter of one of the most famous performers of her time, Stellina kept a relatively low profile and lived a quiet life outside of the public eye. She passed away in 2014 at the age of 93.

While Stellina Baker may not have achieved the same level of fame as her mother, she will always be remembered as a talented performer in her own right and a part of the legendary Baker family legacy.

In conclusion, Stellina Baker is a part of a rich and storied family history that includes iconic figures such as Josephine Baker and Eddie Carson. Despite being relatively unknown to the public eye, she played a significant role in preserving her mother’s legacy and continuing her work through the Josephine Baker Foundation. Stellina’s contributions to the foundation and her dedication to keeping her mother’s memory alive are a testament to the strength and resilience of her family’s legacy. Her story is a reminder of the importance of family and the power of preserving one’s history for future generations.