The Importance of Video Production for Branding and Marketing

The world of marketing continues to evolve every day! For every brand, marketing is one of the most essential components to set it up for success. Successful marketing practices can be the bridge between the brand and its customers.

This results in ever-evolving marketing tactics and strategies of brands to reach their target audience. Amidst this, video production has emerged as one of the most popular modern marketing tools. According to a study by Wyzowl, 63% of businesses have started using video production marketing and have felt the importance of videos in their marketing strategies.

Are you still considering whether or not you should invest in a corporate video production service for enhancing your company’s marketing and branding Pop Machine Agency would like to show you a few reasons why investing in video marketing right now can be the edge your company is looking for.

Reasons To Invest In Video Production For Your Brand:

  • Attracts more traffic:Video marketing is considered to be one of the most effective tools for attracting traffic to your blog, social media platforms, or website. The incredibly engaging marketing medium can hold and capture viewers’ attention for longer durations. Social media users are likely to share videos over any other type of content due to their easy shareability. Hence it can enhance your online visibility and reach a larger audience.


  • It is great for explaining your service or product: If your business is new and trying to reach out, engaging brand videos can capture viewers’ attention and reach your target audience a lot faster. The incredible combination of sound and visuals can explain your service or product better than any other medium. It is seen that viewers can retain up to 95% of the message showcased in a video and only 10% while reading content. This way, your potential audience can learn what you are offering and how you can solve their problems by looking at your brand’s video within just a few minutes.


  • Videos are great for ROI:Video production can provide an amazing return on investment! Although videos are not the most affordable marketing tools, it pays off more than other tools in the long run. It is noteworthy that there are many video-making tools online that can produce low-quality and poorly designed brand videos. These low-quality videos can be off-putting for your audience. It is always great to have an expert’s opinion to put out interesting content-filled videos to reach the right audience.


  • Sending powerful messages:Your business can promote the products and services in a storytelling format that can tap into the emotional and passionate sides of your audience. For instance, if your brand deals in vegan products, a powerful brand video showcasing how veganism can stop animal cruelty can send a strong social message. It can tie your brand together with a powerful message and highlight what your brand stands for. A powerful brand video can also highlight success stories and positive customer testimonials to become more relatable to both your existing and potential customers.


  • Humanizing your business:Videos can engage and ignite emotions. A brand video providing names, faces, and true stories to connect with your customers can humanize your brand and present its ethos, personality, and culture. With great content and representation, a systematically planted human element can deepen trust in your brand. It can also show what your brand can accomplish creatively by being conversational and interactive rather than conventional one-sided videos.


  • It is perfect for the mobile landscape:In a world where all of us are constantly hooked to our mobile devices, brand content videos can instantly connect you with your audience in a personal and engaging way. As mobile devices are a convenient and portable way to consume online content, incredibly made videos in bite-sized chunks can be informative for busy people. They can stay updated with what is happening and also don’t have to spend a lot of time watching long videos.

With customer expectations and demands at an all-time high, marketing strategies have become more complex now than ever! To add to this, video production is evolving and expanding very fast and is estimated to heighten even further in the coming years. It is because brand marketing videos are vibrant, versatile, fun, digestible, informative, and infinitely shareable. Hence the adoption of video production in your brand’s marketing can also make it easier to spread along with building trust with potential customers, driving conversions, and increasing brand awareness. For instance, one can never ignore the success streaks of video-first social media platforms like YouTube and TikTok in current times. Want this for your brand too? Get in touch with a reputable video production company to create traffic-boosting and high-quality videos for your brand to unravel its true potential and connect with your audience like never before.