The importance of an Australian arborist report before any planned works

The importance of an Australian arborist report before any planned works

Having a home in Newcastle, NSW in the thriving seaside city where it’s pleasurable to live, is especially so for those fortunate to have a large garden. Trees can offer a wonderful addition, not only being great for the environment but also adding to aesthetics.

Sadly, trees just like humans, can sometimes decay with age and cause potential issues. The weather can cause them damage which leads to danger to humans and property, while disease can cause huge problems. Very few are experts in such matters as it’s a specialist subject, so those who have trees on their property are wise to make an appointment with a professional and get an arborist report.

  • It’s likely that the local council has done this in the past to ensure safety wherever they have responsibility for the trees. The report will file a detailed assessment of the condition of the tree and pinpoint any potential issues, thus averting danger or issues before they occur. It is essential for those who decide to put in a planning application as the condition of the tree can have implications.
  • Calling in a qualified expert saves both time and money where a report is required, as they have vast experience in such matters and know exactly what the local authorities want to see before they pass an application. Sometimes it might mean tree removal, or at least lopping, which can be arranged so that it doesn’t detract from the beauty of the tree and can be even done in a way to adds to its appearance.
  • A removal cannot simply be carried out by anyone. It is dangerous to begin with, and it influences the environment where sometimes a report is required for permission to be granted. Using a qualified team overcomes such issues as their evidence is respected. Those who feel that their tree or ones nearby have heritage value can also have them assessed to offer protection to them.
  • It does cost money for an arborist report, but it represents excellent value. Full details can be obtained when getting in touch with a highly reputable team that knows their industry inside and out and understand the importance that trees have both in appearance and to the environment.

Anyone unsure about the condition of a tree on their land, or who want to make a planning application near to one, is highly recommended to get a professional arborist report.