The Gelato Flavor You Just Have to Try – According to Your Zodiac Sign


Depending on your zodiac, you may have seen opinions about what ice cream to try, but gelato is an entirely different story. No, gelato and ice cream are not the same; you get more flavor, less fat, and an authentic Italian dessert. When you are hunting down gelato near me, looking for the perfect gelato shop to satisfy your sweet tooth, contemplate these delicious ideas and how they pair with your birth sign. I Scream Gelato in Denver, CO, serves fun, fresh, and innovative gelato desserts to bring customers enjoyment and pure happiness. Next time you stop in, consider trying one of these flavors!

A Couple of Scoops of Pistachio Gelato – Aquarius

If you were born an air sign, you likely enjoy living life how you want to and always enjoying everything to the fullest. You would do well with gelato that will take you for a walk on the wild side, something outside of the norm, and pistachio gelato is just that – a little bit of a rebel but also catering to the classics. An Aquarius will need a double scoop for complete satisfaction of this smooth, chewy, nutty original!

Biscoff Gelato with an Iced Latte on the Side – Pisces

Pisces, otherwise known as the fish and a water sign, are generally introverted socialites with incredible intuition. Pisces have a double-sided nature, so Biscoff’s sweet and sugary goodness is familiar when trying a new gelato flavor. Still, nothing else could suffice for a mutable sign when paired with a cold coffee beverage.

One Scoop of Chocolate Pretzel Gelato – Aries

The Aries sign is known for its fiery elements, as it is a fire sign, and often, Aries are hot-headed people who blaze their path and lead the pack as well. Nothing quite like a single scoop of chocolate, coupled with the crunch of salty pretzels, can offer an Aries something to call home about.

Caramel Vanilla on Top of Pancakes – Taurus

The ram, AKA the Taurus, is the friend you call when you need someone. They are reliable people with a laid-back sense of self but never mistake them for boring. Vanilla gelato is suitable for Taurus but with a swirling of caramel plopped right on top of a stack of pancakes. This meal is suited for the Earth sign, with smooth textures and reliable flavors.

Donut Gelato Served with a Bubble Cone – Gemini

Gemini’s often get a bad rap as they are the zodiac twins and are often said to have more than one personality. They are air signs and remain forever curious and restless, so an unconventional flavor is best for Gemini. Donut gelato served in a fresh bubble waffle cone will give you everything you ever wanted!

Oreo Gelato in the Middle of a Brioche Sandwich – Cancer

Cancer is another one of the pack that is a part of the intuitive bunch; they are emotional and remain connected to others. They can seem slightly over the place, but Cancer always comes from a good place. That is why Oreo gelato sandwiched between sweet brioche buns is comforting and yummy!

Two Scoops of Creme Brule – Leo

The lion of the zodiac will always need a little roar from their gelato as Leos are known for being a little out there, theatrical, and generally remain the center of attention in their circles. Creme Brule is the cream of the crop, and having a couple of scoops will suit Leo’s need for a dessert that matches their personality!

Vanilla Gelato in an Affogato – Virgo

A Virgo – the solid and silent type – always has a lot of flare to them, and when you get to know a Virgo, you will be surprised at how deep they can go. Having gelato with a Virgo calls for something special: an affogato, a scoop of vanilla gelato served in espresso.

Smores Gelato with Marshmallows on Top – Libra

Libras are another leader within the zodiac, and the scales of justice represent their sign. They like balance, and what could be better than classic s’mores flavors with some extra marshmallows served on top?

Banana Gelato in a Cookie Sandwich – Scorpio

Scorpios stand out in a crowd, and their zodiac sign is another with a misunderstood reputation. While they can live up to that reputation sometimes, they are also highly intense people with dynamic personalities. That is why having something like banana gelato to cool them down inside a cookie sandwich should do the trick for Scorpio.

A Mint Chocolate Chip Gelato Smoothie – Sagittarius

Sagittarius is very reliable; they are brilliant, but they also have a fun and playful side. Mint chocolate chip gelato is deciduous; when you can get a scoop of a Sagittarius, you may want something with a twist, so serving it as a smoothie should do!

Stracciatella Gelato on a Waffle Cone – Capricorn

The goats of the zodiac family, Capricorn, are driven human beings. They are always willing to go the extra mile to get things done and achieve their goals and wildest dreams. Stracciatella is a traditional Italian gelato flavor – sweet, crunchy, and bitter. I Scream Gelato will be served on a fresh waffle cone whether you are dining in or taking it to-go! No matter your zodiac sign, gelato is the dessert for Denverites, and it is taking over, so don’t miss out on finding your favorite flavor at your local gelateria today!