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From Surface to Structure: The Comprehensive Guide to Mould Remediation


Mould is notoriously difficult to remove and often comes back after remediation. Keeping it at bay requires the right products, equipment, and expertise. Novel Management experts advise that you should always bring in professionals for mould removal as soon as you spot any growing in your home.

ICE Cleaning’s mould removal services can restore your property to a safe home. It’s a corporate member of Dewpoint Professional and its technicians are available nationwide, 365 days a year, including bank holidays.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about mould removal.

The dangers of mould remediation

Mould is harmful to be exposed to. It produces allergens and irritants, and can trigger an allergic reaction or respiratory infection. Some types, like Stachybotrys chartarum, can even release toxic chemicals.

Cleaning mould is especially hazardous as you will need to come in close contact with it during the removal process. Without the right personal protective equipment (PPE), you could be at risk of inhaling, ingesting, and touching the mould.

Certain cleaning techniques can be dangerous, as well, such as scrubbing at the mould with bleach. Bleach is corrosive and may irritate or burn the skin, and aggravating mould could cause it to release spores.

Mould removal professionals will have the PPE and specialist tools to clean the mould thoroughly and safely.

You must sort out the cause of the mould

Many people remove mould from their home only to find it returns a short time later. This is because most of the mould removal hacks shared online, like cleaning it with vinegar or baking soda, don’t tackle what is causing the mould to grow.

You need to identify the specific cause, whether it be high humidity, condensation, damp, or poor ventilation, and then address it. As a part of their mould cleaning services, ICE Cleaning’s technicians can pinpoint the trigger and advise on how to prevent mould coming back the future.

The benefits of mould removal professionals

Professional mould treatment services will give you peace of mind that your mould problem is taken care of. They will have the equipment and products required to eliminate all the mould in your home, including on hard surfaces and in the air.

They can also get into those hard-to-reach areas where mould tends to grow, like behind furniture, on the ceiling, and in cupboards.

Professionals can control the spread of mould during remediation, too. A lot of the mould will settle on other surfaces during clean up which may lead to a bigger mould problem in the future. They will have the knowledge and experience to contain the mould and protect the rest of your home.

ICE Cleaning’s nine-stage mould removal process can provide long-lasting results and significantly improve the air quality in the property. In an emergency, its mould specialists can be on site within several hours.

You can find out more about ICE Cleaning and its specialist cleaning services by visiting its website.