The best places to download free fonts

The best places to download free fonts

If you are on a tight budget, downloading fonts from free websites is the best way. You’ll spend a number of hours in search of these libraries, we have spent these hours choosing the best places where you can download free fonts for your next project.

There are many well-known sites for downloading free fonts, but we have some underrated or lesser-known websites which are best for individual portfolios or your next project. Before downloading make sure you go through the license of those fonts, every website has different license fonts, some are free for non-commercial uses only whereas some are free for all.

The best places to download free fonts are

  • Fontspace

Fontspace is a go-to site for many graphic designers and web designers. With a range of more than 85,000 fonts, Fontspace is one of the most loved websites for free fonts. There are many categories which are designed just for occasions which helps you choose the one for the right part. If you are in a dilemma about what kind to choose you can easily choose from these categories.

  • FontM

With all the categories you need, you can easily find them on FontM. Though it doesn’t have many great and wide options you can still find some for yourself to use. Along with the free fonts, FontM has many premium quality and paid fonts too for you to get for your next project.

  • MyFonts

MyFonts have a very great range of fonts for you to buy, but you can still find some great freebies for you to download and use. You can select the free option from the drop-down menu and choose the desirable fonts for yourself.

  • DaFont

With categories right from medieval to sci-fi, DaFont has a massive range of fonts for you to download. You can search for fonts in styles, author, popularity, Graphic Design Institute in Ahmedabad and even alphabets. Not all of them can be professionally used, they are not for commercial use but you still can find many great fonts there.

  • Google fonts

One of the quickest places to get free fonts is google fonts. The fonts are open source, letting you share and customize your fonts for yourself. You can even collaborate with the designer and make changes to the fonts. You can use these fonts for personal and commercial use.

  • Creative Market

A community-generated marketplace, which lets the designer generate their own fonts. The website offers a great array of fonts every week along with goodies. Many fonts are paid in which state they are of higher quality. The website lets you create an amazing way of creating your own library of fonts.

  • Fontasy

With around 1100 fonts for you to download. The website has many great font options for you to choose from. The interface of the website is very great. You can communicate with the designer if you want to use their fonts.

  • FontStruct

A community website and a font-building website. Fontstruct lets the user create Fontstructions with the help of a constructor and upload it on the website for other users to download and use. Every day a new font is added and the availability of the options increases.

  • 1001 Free Fonts

With more than 61 categories, 1001 free fonts deliver more than 10000 fonts for you to download. It even has an option for you to choose the font used by any designer. You can choose any designer’s work and fonts they created for you to download.

  • Abstract Fonts

One of the cleanest websites for online font libraries, Abstract Fonts is very easy to navigate. It even has a custom preview option. The site is always up to date with a wide range of fonts for you to choose from.

  • Neogrey

A personal portfolio of Designer Ivan Filipov, Neogrey is not a font library.  He is a graphic and web designer with many beautifully created fonts which are readily available for download.

  • Glukfonts

A website by a polish designer Glukoza is a personal website. He generously offers many designed typography. The website has many design resources and many free fonts to download.

  • Fontfabric

Fontfabric does have paid and free fonts both, you can easily choose some unique freebies. This is an independent type of font resource library, founded by Bulgarian Svetoslav Simov.

  • Lost type

The lost type was founded by Tyler Galpin and Riley Cran. This website lets you choose the amount you want to pay, you can even write 0 and get it free. Though you won’t find a number of options, you will surely find some unique ones.

  • Font Squirrel

If you are in search of free fonts for your commercial use. Then Font Squirrel is the place for you. The font quality is high and compatible. One of the most feasible features of this website is it has a Font identifier, which lets you upload an image and it will suggest a similar match.

  • The League of Movable Type

A project by GitHub, this league of moveable types is perfect for those who are in search of free fonts. This is one of the very first free and open source free font websites. This is run by a group of typographers who have made high-quality free fonts for people to download. ṣ

  • Behance

You might have not heard of Behance as the most known place for downloading fonts, but Behance is very well known for its designer works to showcase. The only thing is you’ll have to hunt things down.

Behance is home to many things, you’ll need to add filters to find the right thing for you. Once you find the right place, there are many great options for you to download such free fonts. Be it script, tattoo, handwriting, or slab serif, you definitely find something for you here.