The Best Gym Workout Plans for Beginners

Beginners intending to kick-start their gym routine can get “workout-whelmed.” I mean, you walk through the front doors and suddenly find yourself in a chaotic world of bulging biceps and spin-class fanatics. Your heart races – and not from the exercise – as you try to decide which equipment will be your fitness guru. Alas, it’s a bummer when you realize that your newfound life as a fitness enthusiast won’t be smooth sailing even after the first whiff of gym floor disinfectant.

Thankfully, you can count on Gym Near Me to find and compare the best gyms in Brisbane, so you don’t waste time and money trying them all. Plus, you probably might find a great trainer to show you the ropes. But what about the actual workout plans? Why is a workout plan essential? What type of routine should you follow as a beginner? Well, stick around for answers.

Why A Workout Plan is Vital

We say there’s a first time for everything. As a fitness rookie, you can look forward to much joy (and pain) as you embark on your sweaty journey. Well, buckle up because a workout plan is your ticket to unlocking an all-day energy reserve. As you fumble through the wobbly lunges and shaky pushups, you’ll build strength and endurance. To this end, a workout plan helps you by:

  • Creating a structured routine you can follow – you don’t want to step into a gym and devise an exercise plan on the fly, as this can be exhausting as you start.
  • Promoting consistency – a plan lets you build on the previous session.
  • Providing motivation – when things become tedious and your inspiration starts to drop, having an end goal in sight helps you stay in the zone.
  • Setting realistic fitness goals – rather than aimlessly lifting weights without a purpose, a workout plan enables you to set achievable goals and track your improvements over time.

Workout Plans for Beginners

Everyone has their objectives, from weight loss to improved flexibility, muscle gain, and strength training. This means we may not offer accurate or specific advice on the types of exercise you should do. Even so, consider the following general workout plans to help you achieve your goals: including taking pre work out gummies to enhance your performance during exercise.

1. Full Body Workout

So you’ve decided to put down the doughnuts and join the swole world? Well, a full-body workout helps you build strength and cut fat by targeting multiple muscle groups in each session. It also gets your heart rate up as you create a balance between cardio (more on this below) and strength training.

The idea is to set aside time for at least two weekly strength training sessions. As a beginner, you can start slowly with light weights and high reps, allowing your body to adjust without putting too much pressure on the joints. Alternatively, compound movements like pushups, squats, pull-ups, presses, and deadlifts are excellent for building muscle and strength.

Thus, your workout plan may start with some ‘stand-sit-stands’, aka squats. Then, progress to the ever-popular dumbbell presses for the chest and shoulders. You can thereafter complete your workout with planks to build core strength. Try this full-body workout 2-3 times a week and watch as your body starts feeling stronger and your flab slowly transforms into a fab physique.

2. Cardio

Cardio is the way to go if your goal is to shed some extra pounds and increase your heart rate. But even if you’re not worried about burning calories, incorporating aerobic activities into your workout plan helps build endurance and increase flexibility.

This doesn’t mean you have to hit the treadmill every day (unless you want to). Instead, incorporate exercises that raise your pulse for at least 20-30 minutes. These could include outdoor activities like jogging, biking, and swimming or indoor activities such as dancing and kickboxing.

If your motivation tanks during these sessions, try listening to your favourite songs for an extra boost or switch between high and low-intensity exercises. You could also enrol for a sports class or sign up for an online workout program with friends. This way, you can stay motivated and hold each other accountable.

3. Split Workout

If your goal is pure muscle gain, split workouts should be your go-to routine. As the name suggests, this type of workout splits days of the week into individual muscle groups. The idea is to focus on one area, such as the legs and glutes, on a specific day. Then you can do the same for other muscle groups on different days. This enables your body to rest and heal in between workout sessions.

Hopping onto the workout bandwagon might feel intimidating at first. But soon enough, you’ll get the hang of it and watch your body transform. While at it, seek support from personal trainers or a fitness community. You can also research workout plans for beginners online and find one that suits your body type and lifestyle – hopefully, the plans above clue you in on how to proceed.