The Benefits of Purchasing a LoL Account


League of Legends (LOL), the multiplayer online battle arena game, has been one of the most popular games since its release in 2009. With its intricate gameplay and amazing graphics, LOL offers an unparalleled gaming experience to players all over the world. It has captured the hearts and minds of millions of players and brought them to the fascinating world of gaming, where the impossible becomes possible. However, creating a brand-new account and struggling with achieving ranks, collecting skins and unlocking champions is a daunting and time-consuming task. Passionate players who just want to dive into this exciting world of gaming and activate their action mode should purchase a prefilled LOL account, which can level up their game instantly. Similarly, there are many more benefits of purchasing a LOL account while saving yourself from the initial struggle of ranking the account from scratch. In this blog, we will discuss the benefits of purchasing a LOL account to tap unique opportunities and experience high-level gameplay and excitement.

New Champions are Available Right Away

New players have to struggle with unlocking their favorite champions for months when they open a new account. In a new account, you get access only to some limited champions, and you have to unlock the new champions over time by playing a lot and earning blue essence.

However, if you purchase premium LOL accounts, you can get access to a diverse pool of your favorite champions, explore their powers and different playstyle easily and effectively. Moreover, these accounts have a high blue essence that allows you to buy even more champions without using any extra bucks. The access to new characters helps you to compete with the professional players and increase your rankings on the leaderboard.

Get access to Rare Skins


Skins are cosmetic items that affect the appearance and looks of champions. They are the rewarding aspects of the game that play an important role in making your champions stand out from the rest due to their advanced style. While using a normal account, even after so much hard work and gameplay in loot boxes and events, you get access to terrible skins that do not match your expectations. In such a situation, you have to purchase the good skins for money. However, purchasing a premium LOL account has made it possible to get highly exclusive and rare skins at less cost that provide a stylish appearance to show off your champions.

Playing in Different Regions

Online gaming allows people to play in different regions with people of different backgrounds and understand their gameplay. However, most servers do not let you play in different regions unless you are on level 30, which is a time-consuming task. If not that, the other option is to change your gaming server, which costs nearly 2500 RP. This means if your account’s server is North America, you cannot play with players outside that region unless you cross level 30 or change your server. The biggest advantage of purchasing a leveled-up account is that you are already on level 30, which gives you access to play in different regions with your friends and broadens your gameplay and perspective. You get a chance to explore the various playstyles that arise across various gaming locations, which is very exciting and interesting.

Extra Riot Points and Blue Essence


Riot Points (RP) and Blue Essence (BE) are the two main currencies of League of Legends games, which allow you to buy different items. RP is purchased with real money, which can be used to purchase skins, bundles, etc. Blue essence is earned in the game in loots, by completing missions, earning honor capsules and by leveling up the game, which is mainly used to unlock champions. However, for new accounts, getting these things is challenging and needs a lot of time. When you purchase old accounts, you get access to high RP points purchased by the previous owner, which you can use to purchase different things. The same goes for Blue Essence points, as when you receive an account that is already leveled up and played a lot, it automatically has high BE points.

Easy and Faster Level Up

It’s frustrating that even after spending hours on the game, it’s difficult to level up your game and get rankings on the leaderboard. You have to work hard to achieve a higher level and earn points to purchase new champions, skins, BE and RP. However, purchasing a leveled-up account helps you to save time and effort and directly jump to the exciting part of the game while having powerful champions, amazing skins, and unique powers, which help you compete with professional players easily. These accounts have a high rank, and you have to fight with the other champion players to fight for your rank and retain it as long as possible. The competitive matches on the high level have dynamic gameplay which can fill your mind with intrigue and excitement.

Save your Money


Purchasing a LOL account not only allows you to save time and effort but is also cost-effective in various aspects. It’s an initial investment that saves you from in-between expenses to buy different items in the game. A high amount of RP is required to change your server to play in different regions. However, it’s free for you in case of purchase a leveled-up account as you are on level 30 directly, which means the access to play in different regions is available to you. Moreover, the additional features in the premium accounts purchased are worth the initial investment. Such accounts are already filled with powerful characters, stylish skins, Riot points and blue essence, which otherwise need to be purchased with real money or game points. Most companies provide these premium accounts at a fraction of the cost of starting from scratch and spending money on leveling it up.


In conclusion, we can say that there are many benefits to purchasing a LOL account. They give you instant access to a diverse range of champions and skins, which help you to level up your game and show yourself as an experienced player. This allows you to enjoy the exciting and challenging higher levels of the game, where you can play with professional teams and learn their tactics and enjoy the gameplay. With just a few bucks, you can gain access to a completely new and leveled-up game where you will explore the new playstyles, deal with powerful champions, and enjoy a relaxed gaming experience. Lastly, you can enhance and upgrade your gaming skills and versatility, which boosts your gaming mindset and decision-making skills.