The Benefits of Investing in Automatic Floor Scrubbers


Add an automatic floor scrubber to your cleaning equipment arsenal and increase productivity and decrease labor costs substantially, with just the labor savings alone covering its purchase cost in just a few months.

These machines are specially designed to clean floors thoroughly, including those difficult spots a mop may miss, while simultaneously drying faster than traditional methods of floor maintenance.

Automatic Floor Scrubbers are also ideal for cleaning high traffic areas because they are easy to maneuver around furniture and other objects, while covering a maximum area in a minimum amount of time.

Increased Productivity

Up to 90% of the costs associated with cleaning facilities come from labor costs. A floor scrubber can slash this time significantly, increasing overall efficiency and productivity on your cleaning team.

Scrubbers can remove more dirt and grime faster than traditional mopping techniques, shortening cleaning time significantly in large spaces. Furthermore, scrubbers reduce wet floor times and decrease slip-and-fall risk by helping the floors to dry faster – decreasing wet floor times while simultaneously decreasing risks associated with slip and falls accidents.

Autonomous machines are more reliable and consistent than human operators and do not need breaks, enabling more frequent cleaning without increasing staff hours, which translates to long-term savings. By adding an optional shelf-scanning accessory to your robotic floor scrubber, this can provide valuable inventory insights that help decrease out-of-stocks while verifying pricing compliance and planogram adherence, further increasing ROI and accelerating ROI even faster – for more tips, download our Retail Buyer’s Guide to Robotic Floor Solutions (RBGFRS).

Increased Safety

Employing robotic cleaning machines allows facilities to concentrate employees’ efforts on more essential, value-adding tasks – increasing employee satisfaction, productivity and ultimately revenue growth.

Auto scrubbers offer an efficient alternative to manual mopping that allows teams to continue performing at higher levels while staying physically able. By eliminating manual mopping from their daily work routines, auto scrubbers help teams remain physically capable of performing at higher rates than ever.

Scrubbers typically use less water than traditional cleaning methods, enabling floors to dry faster after being scrubbed, as well as decreasing slip-and-fall incidents and risk. This can make an enormous difference when applied in facilities with heavy foot traffic!

Reduced Waste

Floors are one of the cornerstones of any business, yet keeping them clean requires considerable time and energy. Automatic scrubbers make it possible to save that time so employees can focus their efforts elsewhere in your facility.

Auto-scrubbers not only cut down cleaning time, but they can also cut water and detergent usage significantly by dispensing solution only when a pad engages with the floor; thus minimizing wasteful usage while helping you meet LEED EB and other environmental compliance standards.

To get the best use from your scrubber, look for machines with easily accessible tanks and clear hose and lid designs so you can quickly detect issues such as a clog or full tank. Also be sure to regularly rinse both dispensing (solution) and recovery (recovery) tanks after every use – this will prevent dirt, bacteria and other contaminants from building up over time.

Reduced Costs

Floor scrubbers help save resources such as chemicals, water and power that would otherwise go to waste when cleaning with traditional methods, by preventing cross-contamination and eliminating the waste produced from disposable mops that end up in landfills after each use.

An automatic floor scrubber’s ability to do more work with less staff can help facility owners reduce labor costs. Cleaning teams can move away from uninspiring, repetitive tasks to more engaging, fulfilling responsibilities throughout the facility – increasing job satisfaction while simultaneously decreasing turnover rates.

Before making your purchase, it’s essential to take into account the size of your facility and type of surface you require cleaning. A smaller scrubber, such as Cobi 18, may work better for tight aisles and hallways while larger riders or Cobots may provide greater floor coverage – selecting an effective model will guarantee maximum return on investment.