The attractions of staying in an executive suite


Being able to travel and seek out new adventures is something that many desire. Those that are fortunate enough to have a large disposable income have more scope than others, so it’s only natural that they wish to enjoy their wealth to the max. Destinations have become more readily available over the previous few decades so that even greater cultural experiences can be enjoyed.

Southeast Asia has become increasingly popular thanks to its tropical climate and a wide range of great options, with culture and a rich history which is both vibrant and exciting. There are very few dull holidays taken in that part of the world. Those who visit the Philippines can get the most out of their stay if they choose one of the executives suites in a luxury hotel.

Wherever anyone might decide to head for a break, it is always enhanced when they can enjoy the ultimate in luxury, but those visiting a destination with energy-sapping climates will appreciate it even more, especially if a hotel is in the heart of the action. The best should offer amazing opportunities to satisfy their own interests, whether it be history, visiting attractions or sampling how the locals get their kicks when the sun goes down.

An ideal suite should remind guests of where they are staying, rather than just being a generic layout with décor that could be anywhere in the world. If an effort is made to visit somewhere special, then it’s more conducive to making memories if getting the most from the destination. Being provided with incredible views is always high on the lists of any visitors, so anyone who can look over the cityscape and a bay will be amply rewarded. Perhaps some island hopping exploring Palawan during a trip to the Philippines may appeal.

Any such suite should provide the perfect amenities, like the best luxury bed linen on a comfortable bed so that each night’s sleep can be totally enjoyed. The use of a Nespresso coffee machine would be a fantastic way to get the following morning underway, as would using premium Cinq Mondes bath amenities, to feel extra special.

Before settling into bed or while waiting to head out and explore, an LED TV, satellite channels, with Bose sound bar will offer the best in-home entertainment, while those who need to catch up on business from back home would appreciate a work desk and chair. Access to an exclusive lounge would also be a feature that appeals as would wonderful furniture to make the suite a home from home. Perhaps during a stay a visit to the theatre may be enjoyed. Of course, being part of a luxury hotel would add to a stay, especially one with a pool, rooftop bar, and numerous dining options while encapsulating the history and cuisine of the location.

An executive suite is guaranteed to make a visit anywhere extra special, but especially where it also provides a rich backdrop to local history and offer the very best hotel facilities.