Everything You Need to Know About Tesla Software Update 2022.8.3

tesla 2022.8.3


Tesla, renowned for its superior vehicles and cutting-edge technology, is constantly striving to bring new updates to enhance the driving experience. The latest software update, Tesla Update 2022.8.3, has been making headlines as Tesla enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the new and innovative features it brings. If you’re a Tesla fan and curious about the latest software update, read on to discover what it has in store for you.

Charging Enhancements

Accurate charging time is crucial, and Tesla Update 2022.8.3 aims to address this concern. The update includes a feature that provides precise charging time estimates based on the battery pack’s temperature. This information proves invaluable, especially when using different charging options like superchargers or third-party chargers.

Phone Calls and Navigation

In previous versions, the navigation card was not visible while on a phone call. However, Tesla has introduced a solution in Update 2022.8.3. Now, users have the option to hold the phone call card to make the navigation visible again. By simply tapping the phone icon on the status bar, users can seamlessly switch between phone calls and navigation, ensuring a safer and more informed driving experience.

Improved Vehicle Preconditioning

Tesla understands the importance of providing a comfortable driving environment, regardless of external climate conditions. With the new update, the Tesla app now offers improved vehicle preconditioning based on weather changes. The app remains active for up to 30 minutes after the door opens, allowing the vehicle’s conditions to be adjusted accordingly, ensuring optimal comfort for the driver and passengers.

Enhanced Cabin Camera Functionality

Tesla has also enhanced the functionality of the cabin camera. Users now have the option to enable data sharing with Tesla, allowing the company to analyze data from the cabin camera. This data can be utilized to develop advanced safety features and improve collision avoidance systems. To enable data sharing, navigate to controls -> software -> Data sharing -> Allow Cabin Camera Analytics, and grant permission to send data to Tesla for future improvements.

Boombox Mode

With the new update, Tesla introduces the exciting Boombox mode. While the vehicle is parked, drivers can now play a variety of sounds both inside and outside the car. This feature adds a touch of fun and personalization to the driving experience.

Autopilot Speed Indicator

Although not documented in Tesla Update 2022.8.3 release, there are hints of a forthcoming autopilot speed indicator. If implemented, this feature would display an arrow indicating changes in speed during autopilot or cruise control mode. Such visual cues contribute to safer driving practices by providing clearer speed information.

Expanded Language Support

Tesla’s touchscreen now offers additional language support. Users have the flexibility to choose their preferred language. To change the language, navigate to settings -> controls -> display -> touchscreen language. The new language option available is Czech, allowing Tesla owners to personalize their driving experience further.

Cloud Profiles (Upcoming Feature)

Tesla has been working diligently on a new feature called Cloud Profiles. This feature aims to synchronize vehicle profiles with the cloud, providing customized features based on the selected model. While this feature is expected in future updates, it’s worth keeping an eye out for more information on this exciting development.

These are just some of the notable features included in Tesla Update 2022.8.3. Keep in mind that future updates may bring additional enhancements and improvements. Stay tuned for the latest developments and enjoy the ever-evolving Tesla experience.