Taylor Robson Green, Personal Life and Net Worth

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Taylor Robson Green is widely known for being the son of English actor and songwriter Robson Green. Not just his father, but his mother is also a renowned actress. We already know about his parents, so today let’s talk about Taylor Robson Green himself.

Here, we will be talking about the personal life details, education, work, net worth, and other details of Taylor Robson Green.

Personal life

Taylor Robson Green was born on 29th April to Robson Green and his ex-wife Vanya Seager. His mother was from Hong Kong, while his father was from England. Given the fact, Taylor Robson Green might have experienced a mix of cultures. Apart from the basic details, there is no information available about the early life of Taylor Robson Green. Coming to the love life, the young man is 22 years old right now. Considering his age, we can see that he must be involved in some romantic relationship. Though he is not making it public.

Parents and siblings

Taylor Robson Green is the only son of Robson Green and his wife Vanya Seager. His parents came into a relationship in 1995 and welcomed Taylor Robson Green in 2000. After his birth, his parents got married in 2001. However, their marriage did not turn out to be successful and they parted ways in 2011. In their almost 15 years of relationship, the couple had only one son. Prior to this marriage, his father was married to Alison Ogilvie. This relationship ended in 1991.

As for the profession of his parents, his father is a popular English actor, singer, songwriter, TV presenter, as well as angler. His mother is also an actress by profession.


Right now, Taylor Robson Green is 22 years old. He might be in a romantic relationship but he is probably not married nor have any kids. The reason being there is no such news.

Education and profession

Though the education of Taylor Robson Green is a mystery to the public, we are pretty sure that he must have gained a good education, as his father is quite rich. Considering his age, we expect that he might be even done with his graduation. Speaking of the profession of Taylor Robson Green, he has not disclosed his profession. He might not have started his professional career yet, as he is just 22 years old right now.

Reason for the popularity of Taylor Robson Green

It is the father of Taylor Robson Green that makes him a celebrity despite the fact that he hasn’t done anything notable yet. But, his father has earned huge fame and his son is enjoying his popularity.

Net worth of Taylor Robson Green

As you already know that the profession of Taylor Robson Green is not really known, finding out her net worth is a difficult task. Maybe this is the reason that there is no information available about the net worth of Taylor Robson Green. If you talk about the net worth of his father, he holds a massive net worth of around 5 million that has solely come from his acting and music career.


Right now, Taylor Robson Green is at the age when people kick-start their careers. His father has already made big in his career. Let’s see whether Taylor Robson Green follows the footprints of his father or not.