Supercharge Your DIY Prowess With An Airless Paint Sprayer



Though the sound of nail guns and saws is the most thrilling and empowering part of any DIY project, the tedious task of finish-work like sanding, caulking, staining, and/or painting must eventually take center stage.

Painting always goes a little something like this: first, we take out our old paint tray. Then we locate our rusty old paint roller frame that may or may not still be attached to a used roller cover from our last project (even though we told ourselves that we needed to be better at cleaning up). The paint has since hardened and is impossibly annoying to remove, but eventually, and with a little elbow grease, we pop open the roller cover like a Pilsbury muffin tin and we’re certain we’re finally ready to go! Now to find those new roller covers – we could have sworn we had some somewhere… oh well, no luck finding them in our cluttered garage. So we head to the store and throw in a few angled brushes and an energy drink for good measure. Now we’re ready to start. We work for the next 6 hours, being splattered by drops of paint while trying to cover odd angles, tight corners, and deep divots. We wait for the first, splotchy coat to dry overnight. Then tackle the next coat the same way the following day.

Does this sound like you? Don’t worry, we’ve been there, but thanks to airless paint spraying technology like that of the Inokraft Maxpray Airless Paint Sprayer, there’s a better way.

Why Airless Paint Sprayers?

If you’ve never used an airless paint sprayer, whether, for interior painting or exterior painting, you might be wondering if they’re worth the hype. It’s a fair question – everywhere you look on social media, you see a weekend warrior slinging a paint sprayer in a sponsored post, some fully handheld sprayers, and some sprayers that suction paint from a bucket on the ground. The truth is that quality airless paint sprayers, as a whole, have more than earned this garnered attention.

Airless paint sprayers like the Inokraft MaXpray M1 and MaXpray M3 PLUS have revolutionized the way DIYers tackle projects. They allow you to accomplish more in less time and with better results. They cut your painting labor and time investment in half while providing a much higher quality finish than alternative painting methods, and they do these things without the added equipment and noise that come along with a pneumatic set-up.

Another major benefit of using an airless paint sprayer as opposed to a pneumatic sprayer is that there is no need to first thin your paint. That’s right – you can spray directly from a 1- or 5-gallon bucket without thinning it first, which saves time and completely eliminates the need for paint thinner. It also spares you from cleaning paint trays and buckets.

Additionally, using a paint sprayer as opposed to rolling or brushing allows you to paint irregular surfaces, like brick, stone, and stucco, with much better coverage and without the need for touch-ups later. Sprayers can also cover much larger areas in much less time. Many DIYers have covered entire rooms within an hour with their MaXpray M1 and even whole house exteriors in half a day with their MaXpray M3 PLUS. You might even be able to avoid using a ladder with the High Reach tip extension that comes with every Inokraft MaXpray airless paint sprayer.

Another benefit of airless paint sprayers is that they make clean-up a breeze. No more soaking brushes or squeezing out roller covers. When it comes to the Inokraft MaXpray M1 or MaXpray M3 PLUS airless paint sprayers and their Flush-Ease valve, all it takes is a flip of a switch and a turn of a knob to make your sprayer project-ready for next time, and all in 10 minutes or less.


Airless paint sprayers are plug-and-play tools that can be set up quickly and that make fast work of painting or staining projects of virtually any shape, size, or material. Whether a long run of fencing, a whole house exterior, an interior brick wall, a bookcase, or a cabinet door, you can handle it all with an Inokraft Airless Paint Sprayer.