Strengthening Security with Commercial Keypad Door Locks and Access Control

An access control system’s essential features are strong security and convenience. Access control keypads are, without a doubt, among the most convenient and secure systems in the trade because they have keyless configurations.

A cloud-based security system is convenient as you can combine your keypad system with cloud-based software for more streamlined management. It offers security, and it saves your business some money. To effectively streamline your access control system, contact Clearlink. Also, follow this guide to learn more about keypad door locks and access control systems.

Understanding Keypad Access Control

You can define keypad access control as a form of a reader, usually mounted at some entry points. It has a keypad that features numbered buttons and sometimes a touchscreen interface. It allows users to key in some numbers in a specific sequence, or pin codes, to activate an unlock mechanism.

With a keypad access control system, you are confident that your gates, doors, and entry points are securely locked. It allows your tenants, couriers, visitors, and authorized individuals to access the premise easily.

Advantages of Keypad Readers

Keypad readers are convenient. The main draw for this access control system is the fact that it has a keyless access control feature. As a user, you don’t need to carry physical keys to access the building or specific spaces in that building.

They are cost-effective. Business owners who opt to use the keypad readers can cut the cost of making physical credentials for many occupants in the building.

Keypad readers have multiple entries. Using pin codes to unlock the space is also possible, eliminating the need to carry physical credentials.

The readers enhance security as it is possible to program them to work alongside other access control systems, for instance, proximity readers that make it possible to create a multifactor authentication process for security purposes.

Types of Keypad Access Control Systems

These systems are not a universal solution as different keypads are made for a specific purpose; for instance, you can utilize business door keypad locks only to work in particular environments for commercial use. Many mechanisms operate the systems for keypad door access control, like the digital combination and the keypad lock. You can choose the type of door access keypads depending on the level of protection you aim at and your business’s nature.

Gate Keypad Readers

These are systems designed to be used outdoors. Mostly, people install them at campuses, parking lots, or gates where permitted occupants launch into a building. With these keypad readers, operators can easily control access for vehicles and pedestrians.

It offers accessibility to tenants who need accessing locked areas inside a property. You can find them at the entrances of office complexes or gated communities. Also, homeowners install driveway gate keypads in their single private properties to control guests’ access.

Standalone Pin Keypads

These are perfect for spare places, for example, offices and apartments. They come in a more compact state, allowing users to install devices at the inner doors. The ordinary stand-alone pins usually have a single gang, flush mount design, making the devices easy to install in single-gang or dry-wall electric boxes.

Keypad Door Locks

It has a numeric button pad and the locking hardware that controls it. It uses combination door locks connecting programmed pin codes to a locking mechanism that, in turn, opens the doors. You can have keypad doors for commercial and residential spaces, mainly utilizing business keypad door locks.

How to Choose the Most Effective Keypad Lock and Access Intelligence System

The level of protection you need and the premises’ nature matter when selecting the appropriate keypad system. Here are the main features you should look for.

Visitor Access – Most access control systems only give access to the tenants of the building and authorized staff. You need to get a system that can send an easy-to-use pin code to the phone of couriers, visitors, and other people who may need temporary access to the building.

Easy Integration – Get an access control system that can easily integrate with other systems. If you need to create a strong barrier that has multi-factor authentication, you should consider getting a system that you can complement with different options.

Whether you are using it alone or coupling it with other systems, one of the most convenient systems you can adapt is keypad readers. The security of your business is paramount, and therefore you need to work with a system that does not leave any room for breach.

Mobile App – Through smartphones, tenants can access the building using a pin code or swiping on the mobile app. The apps are effective as they allow quick and smooth access to the building.