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Welcome to the official Trello link and wiki for Stand Upright Rebooted! In this comprehensive Roblox game wiki, you will find all the information you need to navigate the world of Stand Upright. Whether you’re seeking guides, trading lists, or details about Stands, Vampirisim, Hamon, and more, this wiki has got you covered. In this article, we will explore the official Trello link and wiki, as well as provide some useful resources and guides based on Trello information.

Stand Upright Rebooted Trello Link & Wiki – Official Trello

Stand Upright Rebooted Trello Link & Wiki – Wiki

Trello and Fandom are the two primary tools used by Roblox games to create their wikis, and Stand Upright is no exception. If you’re looking for comprehensive guides and detailed information, visiting the Stand Upright Trello is highly recommended.

The Trello starts off strong with sections dedicated to the Trading List, PvP Tier List, Item Spawn Rates, Spawn Times, In-game Commands, Controls, and a Q&A section covering Stands, Vampirisim, Hamon, and other interesting topics.

As you navigate through the Trello, you’ll find in-depth analysis of each item or unit, including Specs/Secondaries, Stand Attributes, Canon Stands, Shinies, Non-Canon Stands, Evolved Stands, Custom Stands, Items, Locations, Quests, Shops, NPCs, Hostile NPCs, Bosses, and Coming Soon features.

While the Fandom also offers valuable information, we recommend Trello due to its extensive, updated, and officially curated content. The Trello wiki is built by collaborative efforts, reviewed directly by the i_studioman team, and carries the seal of quality.

Trello FAQ

Here are some examples of the information you will find on Trello:

Blow ’em

Vampires were created by the Pillar Men using acupuncture techniques developed through the use of the Stone Mask, which was created by Kars.

Vampires possess various superhuman traits, including raw strength, regeneration, blood-sucking tentacles on their fingers, and near-immortality. Additionally, many vampires can manipulate their bodies in creative and unique ways.


Hamon, also known as the Ripple, is an energy identical to the Sun’s rays that the human body can produce through controlled breathing. It creates ripples of energy that propagate from the bloodstream to the rest of the body and objects in contact with it. The Ripple appears as electricity-like sparks and is visible to ordinary humans.

The Ripple can also affect non-living things, enhancing their attributes and making them more effective tools or weapons. Liquids conduct the Ripple exceptionally well, and Joseph Joestar mentions that objects covered in oil conduct Ripple more easily. However, while most materials can conduct Ripple to some extent, inorganic materials like metal cannot store the energy and simply allow it to pass through.

Note: The above information is just a glimpse of what you can find on Trello. Visit the official Trello link provided earlier for more comprehensive details.


The Stand Upright Rebooted Trello link and wiki serve as invaluable resources for players looking to enhance their gaming experience. With its extensive content, updated information, and the stamp of approval from the i_studioman team, the Trello wiki is the go-to source for all your Stand Upright needs. Happy exploring!