Sleep and Space Reimagined: The Beauty of Murphy Beds


One of the best ways to add functionality to a space is to add Murphy beds in strategic places. These beds, also known as wall beds, can fit even in small spaces. What are Murphy beds and how do they work? Let’s find out more about them and how they can be used to enhance a room.

What is a Murphy Bed and How Does it Work?

A Murphy bed is cleverly designed to be folded vertically into a wall or cabinet when not in use. The name comes from its inventor, William Lawrence Murphy, who patented his design in the early 20th century. Since then, this style of bed has become strongly associated with the idea of optimizing space while remaining comfortable.

The Bestar Murphy bed uses a dual piston system to ease raising and lowering of the bed. Bestar beds also accommodates most standard Full or Queen mattresses, so users aren’t limited to a cot-like sleeping space. Bestar’s beds also come with a mattress support system that conforms to the sleeper’s body for the most comfort. This brand is based in North America.

How Can a Murphy Bed Help You Save Space?

The main allure of Murphy beds has always been the beds’ ability to allow for the use of scarce floor space. In areas where real estate is only available at a premium, this type of bed is a total game changer. By folding the bed against the wall when it’s not in use, you can effortlessly convert your sleeping area into a multifunctional living area. This not only makes the room more versatile, but also makes it look bigger and more inviting.

Murphy beds aren’t just for bedrooms. They are often used in studio apartments, other small apartments, and even home offices. Imagine how convenient it is to have a home office that you can transform into a guest room on an as-needed basis! The flexibility that Murphy beds bring allows you to use your spaces in the most optimal way for your changing needs. Murphy beds also look great in the storage position, making them excellent choices for those who value aesthetics as well as functionality.

Different Styles and Sizes Available

There are many styles of Murphy bed available in modern times. This makes them much more versatile than the basic fold-ups of yesteryear. One of the first things you’ll likely notice is that many styles include a cabinet with storage on each side, so the folded Murphy bed doesn’t look like a bed at all. Other options to look for include:

Sofa Murphy Beds

In this version, you don’t just get a flat bed. It comes with a sofa that can be placed in front of the closed bed. The sofa cushions lean against the bed cabinet and can be removed to lower the bed onto the sofa base. This allows you to have the functionality of two pieces of furniture while conserving space.

Murphy Bed with Desk

Imagine being able to fold your bed away and then unfold a small office desk from the same cabinet! That’s what you can do with Bestar’s Murphy Bed with Desk options. These units are great for guest rooms, home offices, or combination rooms.

Cabinet Murphy Beds

These are upgraded versions of regular Murphy beds. Instead of being anchored to the wall, the entire mechanism is contained within its own cabinet. These are great for residents of apartments and anyone else who doesn’t want to (or isn’t allowed to) make major modifications directly to a wall. They’re also perfect when you aren’t sure if you’ll be staying at the same place for long. If you move, you can take one of these to your new address with no more trouble than moving any other furniture.

Multipurpose Rooms You Can Create with a Murphy Bed

The versatility of Murphy beds extends far beyond bedrooms and guest rooms. Here are some imaginative ways to use these beds in a variety of other rooms:

Living Room

Hide a bedroom right in your living room and reveal it when you have overnight guests. A well-designed Murphy bed with sofa will blend seamlessly with your décor, so it won’t look out of place to you or your non-overnight visitors.

Home Office/Guest Room Combo

This is a great solution for people who work at home, but still occasionally want to host some guests. The Murphy Bed with desk is especially perfect for this use.

Fitness Room and Bedroom Fusion

You’ll have plenty of space for exercise routines and sleeping when you put a Murphy bed in your home gym space. When you’re ready to exercise, just fold the bed up out of the way to expose lots of empty floor area.

Studio Apartments

Those who live in studio apartments have long relied on Murphy beds to have a place to sleep while preserving space during the day. These arrangements don’t have to be basic. With the proper style and placement, a Murphy bed can create the illusion of two or more dedicated spaces, thereby making the one-room apartment seem bigger and better organized.

These are just some of the things that can be done with modern Murphy beds. Check out the available styles at Bestar and imagine each one in your home. You’ll surely see that a Murphy bed will be a perfect fit in at least one room and maybe more.