Seven Uncommon Vacation Destinations for 2024


The turning of a New Year will always make people think about exploring new horizons and discovering new experiences. For some, that means a more personal improvement – looking after yourself and trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle. For others, it will mean traveling the world and seeking out new places.

It is true that travel broadens the mind and that we can only come to understand the diversity of this world by experiencing it. Finding out more about other cultures can enrich our own and improve our understanding of the way the world is. Familiar vacation destinations are not to be looked down on but going deeper with your explorations can only enhance your life.

But where to start? What do you do if you’re knowledge of the world is limited to adverts for airlines on TV or by the world events markets on betting sites profiled at Not everyone has an innate global knowledge. So, we have come up with seven vacation destinations that are a little less travelled. If you really want to spread your wings, why not consider one of these for 2024?


Also known as Burma, Myanmar is actually the largest country in mainland Southeast Asia and has a population of around 55 million. But not many people outside of the region even know about the country thanks to decades of authoritarian rule. This country is definitely one to keep an eye on, even though the US government currently advises not to travel due to civil unrest.

But if and when the situation in Myanmar changes, intrepid explorers should definitely consider visiting this intriguing country. Situated to the northwest of Thailand and boasting miles of coastline, the potential for a successful tourist industry is certainly there and the numerous temples and natural beauty await a time when it is safe for visitors to return.


So, while we wait on Myanmar, let’s profile a place you could go to tomorrow. Stretching down a narrow strip of land on the west coast of South America, Chile is actually the southernmost country in the world and the nearest to Antarctica. But the range of landscape and climate make it an incredible place to visit.

City lovers will enjoy the cosmopolitan air of the capital Santiago. But to get a real taste of this glorious country, you should really travel further afield. Even though the nation is vast, getting around is remarkably straightforward and attractions include the national parks of Patagonia and the ancient feel of Rapa Nui (or Easter Island).


There is an old saying that Greenland and Iceland were mixed up when the names of the countries were handed out. We can assure you that it gets pretty cold in Iceland as well. But that is all part of the fun when you travel to this island that is officially the most sparsely populated country in the region, located between the North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans.

The natural beauty of this island is an immediate draw, with a contrast between the lush, green countryside in the summer and the icy peaks of the winter months. It is the natural attractions that enthrall visitors, including the geysers and the hot springs that also heat the population.


Another small island nation now – but one with an altogether different climate. Situated due south of Sicily, Malta brings together European, Middle Eastern, and North African cultures and history in one glorious melting pot. The densely populated archipelago is a unique experience.

The capital, Valletta, is a UNESCO World Heritage site and the bustling waterfront is overlooked by 16th century buildings that help you understand the diverse history of the place. Temples and cathedrals draw the crowds but there are natural attractions too, with hiking particularly popular.


You couldn’t find a place on the planet that is more unlike an island than Slovakia. Peacefully dissolved from Czechoslovakia in 1992, the whole nation feels as though it comes straight out of a fairy tale, with castles and mountains dominating the topography of the country.

Outdoor pursuits are, unsurprisingly, very popular but there is also a cultural scene in the capital Bratislava that rivals many of the major cities in Europe. Art galleries and museums are everywhere but do make sure that you do venture out of the urban areas to discover some of the most beautiful countryside in all of Europe.



A tax haven for the rich, Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries in the world and has traditionally escaped the throngs of tourists that head a little further north to Belgium and the Netherlands and south to France and Switzerland. But this is one place that has been cruelly overlooked.

The historic capital has enough castles for any traveller to enjoy but there is also a modern side that provides galleries and Michelin-starred restaurants. It will probably be the storybook villages and small towns that win you over here though. A vacation here will be unforgettable but you may not want to tell too many people about the place, so as not to ruin it for next time.


For our final uncommon world vacation, we thought we would head back to another island paradise. In fact, this nation is an archipelago consisting of almost 300 islands whose golden beaches have attracted visitors for decades but have not lost any of their charm.

You can officially set your clock to “Fiji time” here and just enjoy the warm waters and sandy beaches. There are plenty of other natural attractions to take in and hikes will reveal stunning waterfalls and rainforests all across this wonderful nation.