Secrets and nuances of leveling up in Destiny 2 that can help beginners


Many newcomers who come to Destiny 2 after the release of the Lightfall update may encounter difficulties leveling up in D2 due to the reworking of the concept of the add-on, the change of old formats and their removal for processing.

There are several ways to quickly and comfortably level up, including using the Destiny 2 boost service – we’ll look at all of them.



Destiny 2, like many MMO RPGs, albeit in the shooter genre, is built on the concept of development through quests. This format is very convenient for both developers and the players themselves.

Developers can slowly and thoughtfully teach players all the basic mechanics through quests, namely:

  • Shooting
  • General history of the Destiny 2 universe.
  • Mechanics for gaining experience, except for tasks.
  • Contract system.
  • Grind.
  • Strikes and raids.
  • Guilds.
  • PVP mode.

The primary task of the quest system, of course, is to ensure an even increase in experience and glimmers – the currency of Destiny 2, and to tell the main story of the D2 world.

You will learn the details of the alien invasion, which is opposed by all the heroes who create the characters, because the prospect of the earth’s survival and the chance of a counterattack depends on each character, his participation and the passage of the main content. D2 power leveling is closely connected with the main plot, and it is for the tasks of fighting the invaders that you will receive the most experience and glimmers.

The general format of quests suits both active players and lazy and fickle ones, since they provide a stable increase in experience regardless of the pace of its completion.

The only difference is that an active player will complete quests faster and still have time to grind and get contracts and receive destiny 2 power level, unlike a lazy player who will casually shoot monsters and not be in a particular hurry.




This is a more relaxed and free format that is available to all three classes in Destiny 2 without any restrictions. It is worth recalling that these are Titan, Hunter and Warlock.

It’s simple, you come to a location that suits your level. How to determine it? Monsters should be 3–5 levels higher than you. Then the increase in experience and the chance to get a valuable reward will be maximum. When the difference in level decreases, change the location. This is what effective Destiny 2 leveling looks like using grinding.

This format is more profitable from the point of view of accumulating resources, special cartridges and glimmers at the expense of a small sacrifice not in favor of levels, since this format will fill the experience scale more slowly, but it is more profitable in financial and strengthening terms.

By the way, when you choose the Destiny 2 leveling services from the Skycoach company, you will receive all the resources, cartridges and glimmers accumulated by the booster as a gift as a bonus.


These are additional tasks that are given out for free every day and once a week and oblige the player to complete tasks if he wants to gain additional experience.

It is important to have time to do everything within the time period specified on the contract, otherwise you will not receive any reward, even if you have completed most of the tasks.

Contracts often require in-game actions that count towards full completion, or are updated.

This will be shooting in the head, using special ammunition, such as lightning, killing certain monsters, using skills.

Each completion is counted automatically and when all tasks are completed, you can return to the city and turn them in.

If you wish, you can not wait for the task to resume, but simply buy a new one for glimmers and convert gold into experience this way.


Destiny 2 has unique small raid mechanics that should introduce you to the system as a whole.

This is a small zone, quite uncomplicated and straightforward, which consists of clearing the boss and his retinue almost in a straight line.

You can even complete the strike alone, but you will have to try and be very careful and then you will have a chance to take the entire reward. But in general, the strike format is designed for three people.


This is one of the most effective ways to not only obtain legendary equipment, but also destiny 2 fastest leveling.

Due to the fact that you enter the dangerous zone and begin the farming process, you will spend a lot of time until you defeat the entire retinue and systematically remove all the health of the boss and at the same time you will dodge his massive and single attacks aimed at trying to turn the entire raid into defeat.

In case of victory, all damage caused will be converted into experience and interest will be awarded to your hero.

Raids differ in difficulty level, but to open the next one, you need to go through the previous format.

It all starts with the usual format, which is more formal and introductory.

The next format is heroic, it is a little more difficult and requires more concentration, caution and better equipment, but overall it is not much different from the main raid.

The most difficult format is Mythic, but it is also the most profitable. It is here that you can get the best legendary equipment, which often cannot be obtained in any other way.

Along with the increased difficulty, you will also receive much more experience than in any other format.

Each previous difficulty level will allow you, in addition to experience, to obtain equipment with weapons with minimal access to the next level of raid difficulty.

Conclusions on leveling up in Destiny 2 for beginners

Destiny 2 has its own unique format, which combines MMO RPG and shooter mechanics, as well as space exploration.

The format of three classes is implemented here, which can choose their specialization and thereby form small but combat-ready groups.

Leveling also has many mechanics and variations, ranging from classic formats to contracts.

In destiny 2, the best way to level up is to combine four mechanics at the same time. Complete quests and contracts in parallel and at the same time grind for experience. The last mechanic will be raids, which combine the opportunity to obtain new equipment and gain experience. They also produce legendary equipment, which is almost impossible to obtain in the following way.

When you reach a high level, other interesting mechanics will become available to you, for the sake of which all levels in Destiny 2 are pumped up.

You will be able to fly to Neptune as part of the Lightfall update, or take part in the PVP mode Trial of Osiris.

These are short rounds for teams of three players to battle against each other, and racking up consecutive victories can earn you seasonal Legendary gear.