Seasonal Serenity: Bringing Winter Colours into Your Home Decor


Tis the season once again, when daylight wanes, the atmosphere turns brisk, and we find ourselves getting warmer clothing and cosy blankets. As we prioritise comfort during the winter months, it’s essential to remember that we need not compromise on the visual appeal of our surroundings.

The world of interior design is brimming with exciting trends that will make your home a haven during the colder months. Picture a rich, moody colour palette featuring shades like sage green, burnt orange, and deep charcoal. Pair these colours with furnishings reminiscent of the iconic Eames style, and add sumptuous natural textiles to create a welcoming environment you’ll adore.

To help you transform your living space into a winter wonderland, we’ve curated some ways to infuse warmth and style into your home this season. From creating the perfect mood with ambient lighting to crafting cosy spaces, we’ve covered you for a winter filled with comfort and beauty.

Focus on Cool Tones

Cooler tones like icy blues, frosty whites, and silver greys evoke winter’s chilly weather and snowy landscapes. These chilly shades create a serene, wintery feel when used throughout a room. Try painting an accent wall a soft blue or layering white and adding grey pillows to your sofa set for an instant seasonal update. Metallic accents in silver and mercury glass also help capture the sparkle of winter. Place mercury vases on your coffee table or drape silver bead garlands along your staircase.

While you’ll want to limit the number of fantastic colours overall, feel free to add pops of darker hues. Deep emerald greens and, regal purples and plums pair beautifully with icy blues and silvery greys. These jewel-toned accents add richness and dimension to a space. Add an emerald velvet throw at the foot of your bed or display purple hydrangea stems in a vase for an unexpected twist.

Incorporate Natural Textures

Natural textures like wool, velvet, linen, and knits help make a space feel cosy and warm for winter. Thick, chunky knit blankets in neutral colours can add great texture and keep you feeling toasty. Try placing wool pillows with cable knit designs on beds. Area rugs with high pile shag or braided textures also complement winter palettes. You can also warm a space by layering sheepskin throws and fur accents.

Light Up the Space

Take notice of the importance of lighting during the dim winter season. Softly glowing lamps, flickering candles, and the warm crackle of a fire instantly make a space feel cosier. Use bright bulbs to programme different colours and dimness settings based on your mood. Flank by your sofa with golden amber lamps or place white pillar candles on your console table for bright pops against darker winter tones.

Use Aromas and Diffusers

Don’t forget about seasonal scents. Warm aromas like cinnamon, clove, and pine envelop your home in winter’s essence. Place a seasonal scented candle on your kitchen table or hang a wreath of fragrant pinecones by your door. To fill your space, use an essential oil diffuser with cosy scents like cedarwood or juniper berry. And if you’re feeling particularly crafty, why not simmer aromatic spices like cinnamon sticks and cloves in water on your stovetop? This natural method can spread a delightful scent throughout your home, making it feel like a winter wonderland.

Use Plush Fabrics

Envelop your furniture and windows with opulent textiles such as velvet, quilted cotton, flannel, and faux fur to infuse your living spaces with luxurious comfort and warmth. Consider adorning your chaise lounge or headboards with velvet upholstery, which can feel incredibly plush and relaxing. Drape your windows with luscious velvet curtains, or embellish your beds and sofas with sumptuous velvet cushions to enhance the overall comfort of your sleeping quarters. Quilted cotton blankets or pillow shams add great texture and a layered look, while flannel sheets feel soft and comfy. Faux fur throws over chairs, sofas, and ottomans amp up the cosiness.

Incorporate Natural Wood Tones

The natural patina of wood adds welcoming warmth to a space. Wood, in the form of dining and coffee tables, harmoniously augments winter-themed colour schemes, evoking a sense of cosiness and harmony.  You can even add natural wood tones through decor items like wood vases, abstract wood wall art, wood candle holders, or wood drink coasters.

The Verdict

Making minor updates to your home can refresh your space for the winter. Focus on creating a soothing, serene environment; your home will feel like a sanctuary from the cold weather outside. You can stylishly decorate for the winter season with the right combination of frosty and cosy elements.