Safety Tips for Using a Truck Tire Step

Using a Truck Tire Step

Using a truck tire step permits safer maintenance on flat-bed trailers, 18-wheelers, 2-ton trucks, and other heavy-duty trucks. You can use the steps to safely step on top of a truck tire when performing repairs, maintenance, and cleaning. Although tire steps should keep you safe, improper use can leave you vulnerable to slips, falls, and other accidents. Here are four tips to help you use tire steps safely in your workshop or on the road:

1.  Start With Premium-Quality Steps

Not all tire steps are the same. The material, construction, harnesses, stepping platforms, and designs vary. You should purchase tire steps with strong material and structure that gives you a sturdy surface to step on. Look for solid bumpers that protect the rims and surfaces of heavy-duty tractors and trailers. The best models feature bumpers for a longer life and one-hand quick-release mechanism for efficiency.

Purchasing premium tire steps is the best way to prevent accidents from occurring while using the equipment. Choose the correct dimension for your tires. Most tire steps cover various tires, so you can use the same model for most trucks in your fleet. Other features to look for include a lifetime warranty, which indicates the manufacturer trusts the step. The manufacturer should have an ISO-certified facility and feature clear instructions for use, maintenance, and storage.

2.  Install the Truck Step Properly

Tire steps work differently depending on the construction. Some are easy to fold and pack, so you won’t need much work to install them on your truck’s tire. Other steps have different parts you need to attach before use. Whichever option you choose, make sure you go through the installation process featured in the manual.

Improper tire step installation increases the chances of an accident. The harnesses and platforms can get out of position, resulting in nasty knocks or slips. You should make sure detachable parts are tightly secured in place. The step must also be secure on the tire. Test the step for sturdiness before you start working on your truck. Leading manufacturers have instructions, including online videos you can watch to learn how to use the tire step.

3.  Clean & Maintain the Step

Tire steps are bound to become dirty, which reduces their efficiency. You shouldn’t use platforms with dust, oil, grease, and mud from the last job. Clean off the dirt to expose a clean surface. Dirty steps can reduce the grip on your shoe, leaving you vulnerable to slip accidents.

Cleaning a tire step shouldn’t take much effort. You can sweep/wipe the dirt off or use water and soap to break down stuck mud and stains. Tire steps also require maintenance and repairs. You should review the different components to determine if the equipment works properly. Schedule repairs and replacements on time to avoid using tire steps in compromised form. Look for any parts that need lubrication, especially after cleaning. You can also check for rust and wear.

4.  Follow All Recommendations

The best tip for using truck tire platforms is to follow manufacturer recommendations. Before using any tire step, go through all information in the manual. The instructions cover everything, including a description of the different components and how to install the equipment. If the step is for specific tires, don’t use it on tires outside the recommended range. You increase the risk of injury when you improvise using a tire step.

Leading truck tire platform manufacturers offer simple instructions you can easily understand. Stick to the installation, use, and release procedures provided by the manufacturer. You should also look for instructions on cleaning and maintaining the equipment. If the manufacturer has a video, online description, or other information about the product, try to go through it. Following instructions will help you take good care of the step and use it as intended.

Premium Truck Tire Step

Diesel repair technicians, logistics companies, truck dealerships, and repair workshops have applications that require a truck tire step. You should focus on finding the best quality tire steps featuring rigid metal construction and anti-slip platforms. Purchase your tire steps from a reputable tool sale company or brand and review what the limited lifetime warranty covers. The right step can be part of your equipment for a long time.