Ronnie Polkinghorn- Discover Secret Facts About Eminem’s Late Uncle

Ronnie Polkinghorn

Ronnie Polkinghorn has remained a name to be remembered even after his death more than two decades ago. Ronnie, formally called Ronald Dean Polkinghorn, was the uncle of the great and renowned songwriter Eminem. Ronnie was two years older than the famous artist, but they were great friends despite being relatives. Eminem has remained to remember his uncle and even had his name as his tattoo to keep remembering him. This guide will explain more information about Ronnie that you may not know.

Short Biography of Ronnie

Ronnie was born on July 27, 1972, to Ronald Dewey Polkinghorn and Betty Hixton in Missouri, United States. Ronnie had four half-siblings, although the media recognized only two. Todd K and Eminem’s mother, Deborah Rae Mathers, were the only ones recognized. Unfortunately, in 2004 Todd K Nelson passed away at the age of forty-two years.

Ronnie Polkinghorn spent his early life with his siblings and nephew in their hometown, where he attended school. Ronnie seemed introverted and shied away from the camera, and loved listening to hip-hop music. In his early youth, he used to show long hair in the back, a fashion that was loved in the 1970s in Hollywood.

Despite being a loving uncle that valued relationships, the only thing that messed with him was loving too much. After the love of his life dumped Ronnie, he would not take it and decided to shoot himself, ending his life.

Personal Relationship Between Ronnie and Eminem

Eminem was close with Ronnie, and although they were related as a nephew and an uncle, they had a great friendship. Eminem is a great artist, it seems the death of his uncle affected him, and he lost a friend and an uncle. Eminem mentioned that his uncle Ronnie helped him release his 1981 breakin album.

Ronnie and Eminem were more than relatives because it is indicated that Ronnie raised Eminem and spent all his free time with him. Ronnie was Eminem’s mentor in music, and he supported him in becoming an artist. When Eminem was bullied in school, he trusted Ronnie alone, who came to his aid.

Most of the gifts that Eminem got first were from his uncle Ronnie. Eminem’s grandmother remembers them as best buddies. Moreover, Eminem regarded his uncle as his idol, explaining why Eminem had his tattoo on his arm.

What Caused the Death of Ronnie Polkinghorn

Ronnie was a warm-hearted and handsome young man when he died. He died at the age of nineteen as a result of heartbreak from someone he loved. After his girlfriend dumped him, Ronnie was hurt and even shot his head, resulting in his death.

Why Didn’t Eminem Attend Ronnie’s Funeral?

Eminem lost a friend and uncle he loved much more than any relative in his family. Ronnie was only two years older than Eminem, and they grew closer as friends besides being family. Ronnie’s death was too soon, and Eminem could not afford to say goodbye to the bond they had. Malcolm Marshal, popularly known as Eminem, took many weeks for him to agree that his uncle had died.