Ride-on Mower – A Buyer’s Guide

Ride-on Mower – A Buyer’s Guide

Whether you have a sprawling estate, or a small garden, or your work involves lawn maintenance you have probably considered buying a ride-on mower. When it comes to making your purchase there are several key things to consider to ensure you choose the right ride-on mower to meet your needs.

To help you make this big decision, we have put together a simple buyer’s guide on what to look for before you buy.

  • Assess your Lawn Maintenance Requirements

There are many options of ride-on mowers available and before you make your investment it is important to think about exactly what you need to achieve with your machine. One of the biggest considerations needs to be given to the size and shape of the lawn and the type of terrain you need to cover but other factors to think about include the tasks you want the machine to be capable of doing.

  • Range of Machinery and Budget

Once you have determined what your lawn maintenance requirements are you can start to look at what choices are available to you which fall within your budget. A good supplier will help you navigate the various options considering things such as power, performance, comfort, and versatility so that you can choose the ideal model that best meets your needs and budget. Click here for https://www.rdoequipment.com.au/john-deere-ride-on-mower-price-list/ for some ideas on the range of machinery available and prices.

  • Comfort

You might be spending many hours behind the wheel of your ride-on mower so look for one that offers the right level of comfort. An ergonomic design and an adjustable seat are just two features you should look for when considering any ride-on mower. Some models will have tilt steering to adjust to your height for maximum comfort.

  • Features

There are many features available for ride-on mowers depending on the model you choose so consider which ones are most important to you. Some models will allow very exact height-of-cut adjustments to be made. A larger cutting width can be more efficient when dealing with larger lawns whereas a smaller cutting width is more likely to offer greater maneuverability. Engine power will determine how well the mower can handle different types of terrain. Other features to look for include four-wheel steering and traction assist.

  • Attachments

Ride-on mowers are not simply just about cutting grass. Many models include options for various attachments allowing you to perform many tasks such as sweeping, seeding, fertilizing ploughing, mulching, tilling, and more. Some models will have trailer attachments making for a truly versatile machine that can help you transform your garden area. Click here for 10 smart tips for organising a garden area.

When making your final decision, choose a reputable supplier who has good product knowledge, a wide range of machines, and can provide maintenance options, after all, you want a machine that is reliable and built to last and which will give you years of service. Remember that Health and Safety is an important factor when considering any type of machinery. Click here for further information