Rental Office Spaces: A Practical Guide for Entrepreneurs


Having the right workspace is a make or break for companies and even for independent employees who are in remote working arrangements with their employers. The workspace’s ambiance and functionality are important as these can affect the overall work performance of your clients.

Careful design planning to set up a modern and inspiring office space is important, whether for a private rental or an office for rent in Hong Kong co-working setup. Read on to learn the factors to consider when setting up the workplace to benefit this modern workforce. Learn more resources below to find inspiration for setting up rental office environments.

Careful Design Planning Is Important To Coworking Spaces

Keen attention to detail and planning may help you develop a successful rental office that will foster collaboration among employees. Here are some reasons to carefully plan when designing an office space.

  • Boosts employee productivity
  • Boosts staff retention
  • Better promotion of your brand
  • Improves creativity, innovation, and confidence among employees
  • Drives cost-efficiency in the workplace

What To Consider When Designing A Workplace

When setting up a retail office, you should balance the design of the space and the functionality of every area. Design is important as it embodies your brand and your other values. Meanwhile, functionality is crucial to ensure the productivity and efficiency of people using the space.


The main goal of employees or companies for renting a workspace is to improve their productivity and increase their profits in the long run. Remember that an efficient workspace offers various environments for different purposes, such as planning, project executions, and discussions.

Workspaces should include collaborative areas for idea sharing and connection and quiet spaces for focused work. When designing the layout, separate meeting rooms from quieter areas. This setup may help ensure staff’s easy access to collaborative spaces without causing a disturbance.

Above all, spaces for relaxation and solitude are crucial for staff to retreat and concentrate. To further expand your market, you can add recreation areas where employees can do daily fitness workouts.


The design of the workplace promotes the well-being of employees. Having great design will up their mood and may help them to be more engaged and motivated. It plays an important role as happy employees may increase efficiency or productivity.

Additional Tips When Designing A Rental Workspace

Designing rental office space is not easy. It would take effort, commitment, and patience.  The resource provides valuable insights on successfully setting up and designing functional and aesthetically pleasing coworking spaces.

Here is a quick list of other things to consider to achieve this.

1. Location

One of the major things you should not miss out on is the location of your retail space. People prefer spaces that are easily accessible and convenient to reach. Transportation to the place should be easy and better in a safe or secure area.

2. Outlets

Convenience is the key. People won’t stay or be back in your place if they cannot conveniently use their devices for work. One of the things that you don’t want to overlook is having sufficient outlets for the employees to charge their laptops and other devices. You need to ensure that there are outlets under the table and even near couches or where staff may sit.

3. Lighting

Ensure that the place has large windows to provide natural light to employees. Natural light may help up the mood of employees and, in turn, improve their productivity. On top of that, it is cost-efficient.

4. Noise Control

Soundproof the place. Your coworking space or rental office should be safe from unwanted noise outside the place, such as street noises, as it would affect your clients’ productivity. It would help if you also allocated spaces inside, like conference rooms, where they can have a call with their colleagues not to disturb the other employees.

5. Furniture Selection

Choose furniture that will make your clients feel comfortable while working. It will be more beneficial for them if these are adjustable such as having standing desks, which they can customize depending on what works best for them. Having flexible and comfortable furniture may result in clients returning and inviting others to your place.

6. Storage

Allot an area for lockers or cabinets where clients can securely leave their laptops and other important things. In addition to providing convenience to your clients, offering storage will also be another source of income for you.

Coworking Space or Private Space?

Coworking rental spaces have been the trend in the past years. It is more cost-efficient than the other option. Compared to leasing your space to offices, coworking setup is more popular nowadays as it promotes employee networking and collaboration. Above all, coworking areas show promise as many companies worldwide are becoming more open to hiring remote or offshore services.