Reena Denise Evers, Personal Life and Net Worth

Reena Denise Evers

Reena Denise Evers is popular for being the daughter of American civil rights activists, Myrlie Evers Williams and Medgar Evers, who are also the founders of the ‘Medgar Evers Institute’. The parents of Reena Denise Evers are already quite popular. So, today, we are going to talk about Reena Denise Evers.

Here, read the article and find out the information about her early life, parents, siblings, family, education, work, net worth, and all other details.

Personal life

There is not much information available on the early life of Reena Denise Evers. Her exact DOB is not known. All we know about her childhood is the names of her parents and her birthplace. Her parents’s names are Myrlie Evers Williams and Medgar Evers and her birthplace is Mound Bayou. If we talk about the love life of Reena Denise Evers and there is not much information on that either. The confirmed information about her personal life is that she is a married lady. The name of her husband is not known though.

Parents and siblings

Reena Denise Evers is the lovely daughter of Myrlie Evers Williams and Medgar Evers. Both of her parents were American civil rights activists and they have contributed a lot to the American civil rights fight. They both have founded a National organization named Medgar Evers Institute, which advocates for civil rights. If you talk about the married life of her parents, they led a happy married life and remained together till the death of her father in 1963. After the death of her father, her mother married another man. Today, both of her parents are dead. Apart from Reena Denise Evers, her parents had two more kids.


The married life of Reena Denise Evers is not much disclosed to the public. All we know is that Reena Denise Evers was a married lady, but now her marriage has ended. She has three kids. Their names are not known though.

Education and profession

Reena Denise Evers is a well-educated lady. After completing her early education at a  local High school, she enrolled at the New York fashion institute of technology and majored in business merchandising. After completing her education, she took the charge of her parents institute and became an executive director there.

Reason for the popularity of Reena Denise Evers

Of course, the main reason for the popularity of Reena Denise Evers is her parents, who have earned huge fame because of their social activities. Reena Denise Evers works in the institute of her parents and this is another reason for her popularity.

Net worth of Reena Denise Evers

Although Reena Denise Evers hasn’t disclosed her exact net worth, we are pretty sure that she must be having a huge amount of money under her name because she is an executive director of a National organization.


The parents of Reena Denise Evers were greatly involved in social activities and Reena Denise Evers is following in the footprints of her parents too. We must say that she is the lady with a golden heart.