Reasons to Buy Antique & Vintage Jewellery

Preloved items, also known as “old” objects, have been valued just as much in the UK as modern-day ones. Learn more about antique and vintage Jewellery.

We, as a culture, are drawn to objects from an earlier era. It is important to note that all items are valuable, beautiful, or of historical value, such as classic cars, old master paintings, first-edition books, and stately houses passed down through the generations.

Jewellery is good, old jewellery is beautiful and can be an investment that will last a lifetime. These are our top reasons to purchase vintage and antique jewellery.

It’s Irresistible

The vintage and antique jewellery are perfect for people who love and collect jewellery. Often handmade by skilled craftsmen with extraordinary attention to detail. The subtle sparkles and old-world techniques are unmatched in modern design.

Great Value

The benefit for buying antique, vintage, and used jewellery means you can automatically pay 20% off the price of a comparable piece made new. You can also factor in no manufacturing cost. Old jewellery means you can get the same quality gemstones and materials for a fraction of the price.

Furthermore, many antique jewellery dealers are small businesses that sell via stalls. Their jewellery tends to reflect this.

Similar to buying a new vehicle, you also pay a higher price for contemporary jewellery. This is because the piece is more familiar than when you bought it. Because the piece of vintage and antique jewellery has been used before you buy it, it is no longer ‘new’. Its purchasing value will remain the same.

Better quality

Modern jewellery is mostly cast. Many vintage and antique jewellery was all handmade or, in the cases of newer jewellery, hand-finished.

It is nearly impossible to find old-fashioned jewellery with the same level of quality and artistry in high-end modern pieces. In the past, jewels were created by highly skilled artisans. These pieces were bespoke for wealthy clients. It is not surprising that today’s best jewellery has less refined artistry.

It Is Also More Sustainable

It takes substantial resources for my precious gemstones. This makes making jewellery environmentally friendly difficult. You can be a conservator by purchasing antique and vintage jewels.

Conflict diamonds, also known as “blood jewels”, only became available in the 1980s due to the civil war in Africa. Before this time, diamond jewellery is still in good condition despite the controversy.

Lastly, most antique or old jewellery dealers are either one-person bands, small groups, or family businesses. Therefore, purchasing old jewellery benefits small businesses more than big corporations.

It Is Unique

Jewellery was only mass-produced or widely available to some very recently. This makes it extremely unlikely that anyone will ever find a replica of an antique piece of jewellery. It was almost impossible to find identical matches.

Many pieces of antique jewellery were created as a one-off by skilled artisans for members of the upper classes.

It Is Authentic

It’s easy to find jewellery made in the style of a distant era. However, it takes a lot of work to beat a piece created in that time using the most current techniques, materials, and craftsmanship. It’s similar to having a Monet copy printed on your wall.