Pros & Cons of Hiring a Public Adjusters

Pros & Cons of Hiring a Public Adjusters

After a stressful event like a fire, flood, or other property damage, one of the last things you want to deal with is negotiating a fair settlement from your insurance company. Public adjusters are licensed professionals who act as advocates on your behalf during the claims process. They inspect damage, estimate repair costs, negotiate with the insurer, and help finalize a settlement.

While hiring a public adjuster does come with fees, their expertise can lead to a much higher settlement, making it worthwhile in many cases. In this post, we’ll analyze the main pros and cons of working with Florida public adjusters so you can decide if it makes sense for your situation.

Pros of Hiring a Florida Public Adjuster

Higher Financial Settlement

The biggest benefit of hiring a public adjuster in Orlando is simply that they can typically get you a higher claims settlement from the insurance company. Unlike the insurer’s own adjusters who work to minimize payouts, public adjusters in Orlando, the rest of Florida, and across the US are focused on maximizing your check.

Most policyholders underestimate the full extent and costs of the damage and repairs needed. Public adjusters have the background and resources to develop a more complete estimate that factors in all associated expenses. Their detailed documentation and negotiations put more pressure on the insurer to offer an equitable settlement. It’s not uncommon for their involvement to result in 2x or 3x the original settlement amount offered.

Saves You Time and Reduces Stress

Dealing with insurance claims on damaged property can quickly consume all your spare time and energy. You have to document the damage, get repair estimates, compile evidence and documentation for the insurer, negotiate the settlement, and more. Rather than become a full-time job on its own, hiring a public adjuster in Florida handles all of these tasks for you.

These licensed professionals know exactly what insurers need to see to justify higher reimbursements. Then as your advocate, a public adjuster takes over all correspondence and negotiations with the insurer. This greatly reduces the time you spend and gives you more space to focus on your own job, family, and other priorities as you recover from the event.

Expert Negotiators

Insurance companies have teams of adjusters and lawyers fighting to minimize claim payouts. Without similar training and experience negotiating settlements, policyholders are often at a major disadvantage, whether negotiating on their own or with the help of a general contractor.

A Florida public adjuster levels the playing field with their mastery of insurance policies and claims processes. Most are former adjusters themselves. Unlike contractors who mainly estimate repair costs, public adjusters combine documentation, calculation, presentation, and negotiation skills to build persuasive claims worthy of higher reimbursements. With an expert fighting for your best interests, you stand a much better chance of getting what you truly deserve from the insurer.

Cons of Hiring a Public Adjuster

Worthwhile Fees for Greatly Enhanced Settlements

While public adjusters do charge service fees, in the vast majority of cases their involvement still puts far more money in the policyholder’s pocket. With their ability to double or even triple initial claim offers, the 10-20% fee pales in comparison to the greatly increased payout you receive. And reputable adjusters will provide an estimate of the total settlement they expect to achieve before asking you to commit.

Less Control Over the Process

By handing claim negotiations off to a third party public adjuster, you cede some control over how things proceed. Unlike managing it completely on your own, you may not agree with every single ask or counteroffer made along the way. Most adjusters aim to keep clients reasonably updated on settlement talks. But the process still involves relinquishing some oversight compared to handling matters entirely on your own.

The Role of Public Adjusters in Florida and Orlando

  1. Natural Disasters– In Florida, known for hurricanes, public adjusters play a crucial role in managing large-scale and complex claims.
  2. Business Claims– For businesses in Florida and Orlando, a public adjuster ensures comprehensive coverage of all damages and business interruption aspects.
  3. First-Time Claimants– Navigating the claims process for the first time in Florida can be daunting, making the guidance of a local public adjuster invaluable.

Is a Public Adjuster Worth It?

So, when does hiring a public insurance claims adjuster make sense after property damage in Florida? While the out-of-pocket fees and potential delays must be factored in, for many larger-scale claims, the added value can make the costs reasonable to improve your financial outcome.

Here are a few simple litmus test questions to assess whether bringing a public adjuster onto your claim seems beneficial:

  • Is there extensive damage likely requiring the $50,000 insurance policy coverage limit or close to it to fully repair your home and replace belongings?
  • Does your claim include complex, difficult-to-validate expenses like foundation repairs, environmental mitigation, or special construction materials?
  • Do you personally feel unprepared to effectively document, calculate, and negotiate your own rightful settlement with the insurer?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, the expertise and negotiating power of a public adjuster may well be worth their fees to potentially walk away with double or triple the claim reimbursements.

Finding the Best Public Adjuster

Once you decide to move forward with outside help, take the time to carefully select a qualified and reputable public adjuster. While most operate skillfully and honestly, some unethical adjusters have been known to embellish claims or drag out negotiations solely to increase their own fees.

Here are a few tips for vetting adjusters to find the best fit:

  • Verify all proper licensure for operating in Florida.
  • Ask about related experience with your specific type of claim.
  • Request 2-3 references from past clients on similar cases.
  • Review their typical fee structure and terms in your written contract.
  • Align on expected claim settlement range and timeline.

Thousands have benefited from partnering with qualified public adjusters in Orlando, across Florida, and throughout the country following catastrophic damage to their properties. An experienced advocate fighting for fair insurance reimbursements can make a huge financial difference helping you get your life back on track.

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