Plastic Laser Cutting 101


Like it or not, plastic isn’t going anywhere. The reason for this has to do with the fact that it’s flexible, lightweight yet durable, and, above all, versatile and easily malleable. Due to this, it’s used throughout a range of industries and sectors, from packaging and building to electronics, electrical, and industrial machinery, as well as advertising and décor.

When it comes to advertising and decor, one trend that has started gaining a lot of momentum is laser-cut plastic. From small-scale productions for personal use and small businesses to functional purpose ventures, using a laser cutting plastic service from a trustworthy and experienced company is the ideal solution if you want to create intricate designs in unique shapes with engraved detailing.

What Plastics Can Be Cut with a Laser?


In the past it was unimaginable to cut plastic in general with laser technology because of the material’s lesser conductivity as opposed to metal, making it more susceptible to heat damage and making less precise cuts. But today, things have changed for the better thanks to technological advancements.

Nowadays, with fibre and CO2 high-powered lasers, it’s possible to cut both thin and thick layers of plastic seamlessly and with the best results possible. Especially, if you choose to get your laser-cutting plastic designs made by some pros with years of experience with laser cutters. 

Now, to answer the question in detail. Acrylic, ABS, Kapton tape, polyethene, polypropylene, styrene, polyester-mylar, PETG, and Delrin can all be cut with a laser. So, it’s plenty, even though it’s not just about every type of plastic.

What Are the Benefits of Laser Cutting Plastic?


Both the advertising and decoration fields require products of high quality, which is exactly what you get when you choose laser cutting services – high-precision products with clean edges that don’t require any finishing touches. 

Since the whole process goes through automation as the computer controls the material-cutting, and the laser is the only thing that comes in contact with the plastic, there’s no need to invest physical effort other than to give adequate commands with the CAD programme.

Moreover, laser technology makes it possible to count on great flexibility. For instance, you can create a range of shapes without changing tools for each of the separate cuts. As a result, there are far fewer costs if we compare this process to other cutting methods. In terms of the end product, you get the utmost quality thanks to high precision, speed, the right setup, and expertise.

Taking into account that there’s no physical contact or mechanical impact, there are fewer chances for something to go wrong with the production. As such, you can exclude damage to the products from your list of worries. Add to this the fact that the machine uses as much material as needed for the product, and you get a reduction in waste. This is great news if you’re a concerned individual who cares about the environment and how certain practices lead to landfills full of waste.

In case you find a company of trust, you might even come across services offering full use of recycled plastic, to the point of using the leftovers of your design creations. It all happens in a quick and efficient manner regardless of whether you provide CAD files or samples of artwork, drawings, and designs, so you can get your desired unique signs and décor elements in no time.

What Are the Uses of Laser Cutting?


Signage, floor marketing boards, personalised stickers, and directional room and bathroom signs are the main areas of advertising for a range of businesses, from offices to restaurants, cafés, and hotels, that benefit from this incredibly advanced technology practice, but they’re certainly not the only ones. Creating décor pieces for personal and commercial purposes, as well as jewellery, is all possible, and you too can have your creative concepts come to life with laser cutting and get items that amaze with their shape, colour, and even functionality.

Did you know you can get your own wall clock with an acrylic sheet laser cutting service in whatever shape, colour, or design your heart desires? That way when you adorn your hallway or living room wall with something extraordinary and have others enquire about where you got it from, don’t be surprised if it dawns on you to open up your own small-scale décor business.

No matter whether you want something inspired by the natural flora and fauna, the famous landmarks and cityscapes, or a creation entirely abstract as the fruit of your own imagination, you can get it made from plastic. Some people have used up the flexibility of laser cutting to get their unique sets of coasters, photo frames, and wall decals; others have gone as far as getting their ideal room screens with their memorable photos on, so it’s possible to get things done in different sizes too.

In terms of jewellery, it’s easy to have your ring, necklace, earring, and bracelet ideas brought to fruition with your choice of plastic, and have the certainty that no one else has your unique accessories. You can also go as far as creating some clothing accessories to wear over your skirts, pants, and shirts and get the texture no fabric piece can provide.

Keychain rings are equally easy to make with the right laser cutter, as are brooches and bag accessories. All the bookworms can rejoice in knowing they can get their personalised bookmarkers, while those bitten by the travel bug can get their personalised luggage tags in CAD format. And there’s something in it for the tea lovers: the chance to add décor details to infusers.

Furthermore, it’s possible to laser cut wedding invitations, save the dates, wedding signage, table tags, numbers, as well as table décor. Some laser cutters that work with plastic can also work with other materials, like wood, which is great to know if you’d like to change it up a bit material-wise. As you can see, the possibilities are endless!