Penny Jane Owen, Personal Life and Net Worth

Penny Jane Owen

Penny Jane Owen is the daughter of a popular American actress. Not just that, her father was also an eminent film producer. Wondering who are the parents of Penny Jane Owen? Well, to answer this, we are here.

Today, we are going to talk everything about Penny Jane Owen including her early life, family, parents, education, work, net worth, and all other things.

Personal life

Penny Jane Owen is the daughter of American actress Donna Reed and American film producer Tony Owen. The exact birthdate and birthplace of Penny Jane Owen are not known, as her parents did not reveal much information about her personal life. However, we assume Penny Jane Owen to be above 50 because when her mother died in 1986 she was 64. If you want to know about the married life of Penny Jane Owen, let me tell you that there is literally no information available on this. Seems like Penny Jane Owen is not interested in making her personal life a public affair.

Parents and siblings

Penny Jane Owen is probably the eldest kid of Donna Reed and Tony Owen. Her parents got married in 1945 and remained together till 1971. After 26 years of togetherness, they ended up with a divorce in 1971. Together, the couple had four kids including Penny Jane Owen. Out of 4, a couple of them are adopted kids. The names of the siblings of Penny Jane Owen are Mary Anne Owen, Anthony Owen, and Timothy Owen.

Coming to the profession, both parents of Penny Jane Owen belong to the film industry. Her mother was a well-known actress having a long career of around 40 years. On the other hand, her father was an eminent film producer.


As Penny Jane Owen hasn’t revealed anything about her love life, it can’t be said whether she has any kids or not. However, considering her age, we hope that she might be a married woman and have kids.

Education and profession

Here again, you won’t get any confirmed information as Penny Jane Owen has kept the information regarding her education to herself only. We can only assume that she must have received a good education, as she belongs to a rich family. Besides her education, Penny Jane Owen has also maintained complete privacy in her profession too.

Reason for the popularity of Penny Jane Owen

So far, you must have understood the main reason for the popularity of Penny Jane Owen. Of course, her parents, who were eminent personalities in the Hollywood film industry. Penny Jane Owen is said to be very close with her mother and this is another reason for her popularity.

Net worth of Penny Jane Owen

With the fact that Penny Jane Owen hasn’t unfolded any details regarding her profession, we can’t really estimate her net worth. The actress’ daughter has lived a privileged life in her childhood. All thanks to the massive net worth of her mother, who had a huge net worth of around 10 million at the time of her death.


Being the daughter of such famous personalities, Penny Jane Owen has maintained her privacy so well. We must say she is a lady with a really private life. She hardly makes her appearance at any public events.