Outdoor cleaning tips to prepare your Dallas home for summer


It’s summer in Dallas Texas, and you know what that means: barbecuing, having friends over, kids playing till the porch lights come on. Making this experience one of great memories rather than frantic preparation means putting a plan in place.

As summer approaches, make the most of the whole season by doing a deep clean to kick things off. From there, a quick wipe-down and sweeping will often be enough when a spur-of-the-moment gathering happens and you want everything to look great.

Pressure Wash Deck or Patio Surface

It creeps up on you, but wood and cement surfaces pick up the grey hue of the elements they encounter, and before you know it, everything just looks a little dingy. Start the summer right by renting or borrowing a pressure washer and removing that grime so that everything looks clean and new again. You’ll be amazed by the change in color on your concrete patio pavers or wooden deck – just make sure you follow the guidance for how much pressure and how close to hold the washer, since there is damage potential if held too close. While you have the washer, clean any moss or debris off the siding of your home, just for a little extra credit.

Furthermore, you should understand what is in pressure washing soap before using it to avoid harming your Deck or Patio, since some soap has a strong combination of water, detergents, and specific ingredients, making it incredibly efficient for eliminating tough filth and grime.

Scrub Outdoor Rugs to Get Them Looking New

Similar to the other surfaces on your patio, you’ll find that even outdoor-friendly rugs pick up a ton of dust and soil over the months. Set out to scrub them clean with some soap and water and a good heavy-duty scrub brush. While the work takes a bit, once they’re clean and drying on the porch railing, you’ll feel like someone who just got to buy a new outdoor rug, but without the bill!

Wipe Down Porch Furniture

Porch furniture is often meant to be easy-to-clean, so just make up some soap and water and grab some rags and get to work cleaning all the layers of pollen and other grime from the furniture. This is a great task for a group of kids, since it requires some elbow grease but even a slightly less thorough job is better than none at all. For decks and porches, taking the same rags to the railings and other surfaces can really make the place something to be proud of.

Clean and Stock the Grilling Station

You want the grill ready and raring to go when it’s time to put those burgers on; no delays when people are hungry! Even if it has been way too long, scrape down and clean your grill so that its ready for food prep. If you have any outdoor cabinets or spaces where you can store picnic supplies like paper plates, get those spaces clean and stocked so that kids who need a pair of scissors to open a popsicle will always know where to look and find the supplies they need.

As you can see, there are a few hours of work to be done to get a patio or deck to look like a picture postcard, but the easy cleanup for the rest of the summer makes it all so worth it.