Organic Fulvic Ionic Minerals & Their Health Benefits


Modern farming and recent practices have eliminated our supplements and food to a greater extent from organic ionic trace minerals. These trace minerals were found in excess in our soil many generations ago but the use of chemicals and pesticides to increase crop production has almost finished these trace minerals and fulvic acid from food and animals we consume. These fulvic ionic minerals are key to our well-being and healthy lifestyle.

Our body needs organic trace minerals, vitamins, and omega fatty acids to work and function properly. Each ingredient needs to work as a team with others for better utilization by our bodies. We can understand it with an example of a person who needs to treat a cold by taking vitamin C. If you want to treat cold you need to take vitamin B12, B6, choline, folic acid, zinc with organic trace minerals in addition to vitamin C. The vitamin C alone cannot help in cold if other elements are not present in sufficient quantities. When it comes to our well-being and health, eating properly and supplementing ourselves with fulvic ionic minerals would help us to achieve vitality much faster.

Functions of Fulvic Ionic Minerals:

There are many functions performed by fulvic ionic minerals especially to balance the cell life and give it energy when coming into contact with it. As we grow old our cell walls become thicker and stiffer due to lesser nutrition in our food so they cannot absorb or take the required minimum amount of key nutrients or oxygen supply. These organic ionic minerals help in repairing the oxygen deficiency and provide hydrogen to increase cell activity. When we start taking fulvic ionic minerals we experience new energy in our body and tend to be more active and healthier. These minerals help in providing the needed oxygen, hydrogen, and nutrients to the depleted cells to assist them in working properly.

Restoring cells to their normal equilibrium in terms of their chemical and electrical potential gives them new life and helps them to work better meeting their peak performance benchmark. It has been found that fulvic ionic minerals boost our energy level and vitality by revitalizing cells and providing them with adequate nutrients. Humic acid present in these organic ionic minerals increases the penetration into cells and thus allows nutrients to be absorbed much faster forcing waste products to leave the body. They act like a transporter due to their low weight, which helps them to carry the needed nutrients to cells efficiently and quickly. There are many products available in the market offering fulvic acid but all of them are not equal especially extracted from the poor deposits from Dakota and Utah tend to carry heavy metals with them, which are harmful to our bodies.

Many diseases are not caused by foreign bodies but by the immune system’s defense attacking the body. Fulvic ionic minerals help us by aiding the body to fight pathogens, viruses, and bacterial infections.


Fulvic ionic minerals not only help in carrying the key nutrients to cells but also act as a natural cleanser of toxins making them harmless for the body. These harmful radicals roaming freely in our body tend to tissue injury, alter genes, disrupt crucial processes, promote mutation of cells, and make cells vulnerable to different diseases and infections. In today’s world, these free radicals are behind many health issues, and with the help of fulvic ionic minerals, we can either transform them into usable form or eliminate them as waste. It is always suggested to get water-extracted fulvic ionic minerals that are free from chemicals and are 100% natural to gain the maximum benefit.