Online Gaming – The Risks Parents Need to Know  

Online Gaming

How Parents Can Lower Harms of Online Gaming

Gaming is one of the fastest growing industries expanding from consoles, PCs, and now even mobile devices. A lot of popular games are multiplayer games. So, you may need Spectrum internet deals by dialling Spectrum number or any other solid internet connection to play.

There are some major benefits of gaming like the development of better problem-solving skills, logical reasoning, and better hand-eye coordination. Also, your children’s social skills can improve through gaming. However, there can be some risks of gaming as well. These harms may include bullying, addictive behaviors, health issues, and overspending in gaming.

This blog will help you know the risks of gaming to look out for. Regardless of whether you are a parent or a young gamer, going through this blog will help you.


Most online games have the option of text and voice chat. Where players can have a healthy conversation and create a strategy for a game, it also gives bullies the option to show their true colors. They may say a lot of unpleasant things to your kids using these channels. The problem is that around a hundred people could be in the same game. Thus, increasing the chances of such behaviors. Exposure to such bullying for a long time may result in anxiety and mental health problems.

As a parent, you should observe any behavioral changes that could be a sign of bullying. Another thing you can do is to ask them to play on loudspeakers so you can know what they are talking about. Also, watching your children play can be a good deterrent to bullying as well. You can suggest to your kids the best ways to avoid such company.

Most games generally have guidelines to censor obscenities and racial slurs spewed on chat. Also, there are strict in-game bans that stop bullies from entering games. So, if you are reading this blog for yourself, make sure to report bullies for a safe gaming environment.

Addictive Behaviors

Gaming can be addictive but so is any hobby that you start overindulging yourself in. Gaming addiction can disturb your other walks of life academics, job, and health. So, it is important to have a set time for gaming. Pulling gaming all-nighters can cause anxiety and a constant state of being tired. Therefore, it is important to set healthy boundaries for gaming.

A lack of other activities may lead your children to spend more time on gaming resulting in higher risks of addiction. Often younger kids make fun activities their obsession. So, it is important for you to set time limits for them. There are applications that can help you set time limits. You can use such apps to limit exposure.

Unlike other addictions, gaming addiction is generally not that alarming. It may result in irritation and aggressive behavior that can be sometimes resolved by the inclusion of other healthy activities in the routine. In extreme cases, you can seek professional help for your kids through therapy.

Health Issues

Gaming on its own does not necessarily affect an individual’s health. However, gaming for too long and continuous extended exposure may sometimes cause health problems. Idle sitting and screen time may lead to a number of issues. Also, missing meals while pulling gaming sessions is another thing to look out for.

As parents, limiting the time allowed for gaming can help your kids avoid such health harm. Also, it is best to motivate them for physical activities. Ensure your young gamers are not overeating or missing meals. Ask your kids to sit with the correct posture and observe when they are not sitting properly. Lastly, it is best to stay vigilant of any signs of health problems.

Overspending and Gambling in Gaming

Often games are free to download and play. They generate revenues from in-game purchases. Therefore, gaming companies often drop lucrative skins, gaming modes, and other items available to buy with in-game currencies. Collecting these in-game collectibles can become an obsession and make gamers spend a lot on them. Apart from buying in-game collectibles for yourself, many gamers start gambling with these items.

To avoid any of these situations, it is important to track your children’s gaming expenses. Do not allow them to make in-game purchases. Even when you do once in a while, make the purchase under your supervision. Setting the console on parental control and talking to your kids about the harm can help you in this regard.


Gaming is generally not harmful, but you can make it safer for your kids. Spending time with your children while they are gaming, the inclusion of healthy activities in their routine, and setting a time limit for gaming can help you avoid many risks.