Myths, legends, and meaning of Birthstones

Myths, legends, and meaning of Birthstones

Birthstones have been associated with jewelry pieces from decades. The colorful semiprecious gems are known to transform Nobel attributes of your life therefore vast gentry of people throughout history have shown fascination towards them. Today we will unravel myths, facts, and legends about the jewelry gemstones and all the reasons why these stones are so desirable to human beings. Keep reading and get your next birthstone jewelry after acquiring proper knowledge and ideas.

History of birthstones:

There are biblical references of gemstones however historians traced back these stones to 18th century in Europe. The people in ancient times connected their personal believes and future predication with astrology. Later on, the jewelers encouraged people to wear their birth stones in form of jewelry for a better karmic approach towards life. These were the times of superstition therefore everyone was invested into karmic energy and its impact on a sustainable living.

Myths about birthstones.

  • Birthstones were once believed to have supernatural powers. People typically use birthstone to protect themselves from evil, add good energy in life, and increase wealth and prosperity.
  • Those who follow Christianity believe to collect all 12 gemstones and wear it in its respective month.
  • Each gemstone in its month becomes powerful and maximize its mystical abilities.
  • In Hinduism, each gemstone is associated with a plant and those who wear it can access that planet’s power.
  • Throughout history and different eras, birthstones have been associated with wealth and higher status in society.

Different types of birthstones and their meanings

Understanding the significance of gemstones is very crucial. Here are the gemstones affiliated with each month.


The birthstone for January is garnet. The beautiful gemstone symbolizes love, courage, and protection from evil in life. It also increases the energy level and protect the lungs and heart.


The gemstone for everyone who is born in February is amethyst. The gem symbolizes passion, hope, and royalty. The stone protects the body of the wearer against illnesses. Moreover, it also strengthens the relationships.


Aquamarine is the stone for March born individuals. The gemstone promotes courage, individuality, and good vibes. It also enhances youth, love, and happiness in the wearer’s life.


April is the month for diamond. The luxurious stone is the sign of royalty, courage, and serenity. The gemstone protects the wearer from mental illness, brings calm energy in life, and also attract money.


Emerald is the birthstone for everyone who is born in May. Emarald brings fertility, happiness, and wealth in the life May born’s life. Moreover, Emerald also detoxifies the body and prevent liver illnesses.


Enjoy the lusciousness of pearl if you are born in June. The semi-precious birthstone calms the mood and eliminate anxiousness in the wearer. Pearls also pairs with other gemstones and bring positivity in life.  All those struggling will fertility might also find pearls very useful.


Ruby is extremely lucky for those who are born in the month of July. the birthstone has healing powers and also protects one against misfortune. Moreover, also prepare yourself for wealth and happiness with Ruby.


Peridot are the birthstones made for those who came into the world in August. The subtle green hue of the stone calms down anger, bring happy energy, and money. It also gives you courage to battle and hardship in life.


Have Sapphire if September is your birth month. The stone brings serenity in the life along with happiness, good vibes, and strengthened immune system. The blue in sapphire calms the nerves of the wearer.


Have opal if you came into the world in October. The gemstone eliminates the sadness. It increases the memory and creativity.


Get citrine if your birthday is due in November. The charming birthstone wards off evil energy and brings prosperity in life of the wearer. You can wear it with Topaz another beautiful gemstone that help you in cleaning your aura.


Zircon is the birthstone for December. The birthstone jewelry symbolizes good fortune, wealth, and a healthy sustainable life. It also eliminates minor and major illnesses and keeps the wearer away from mental issues.

What kind of jewelry accommodate gemstone?

Gemstones can be incorporated into a vast variety of jewelry types including bracelets, necklace, anklets, studs, and rings. The birthstones look amazing with name necklaces and other jewelry pieces and bring out the beauty of the accessory.