Mobile Apps With Aesthetic Interfaces That You Cannot Take Your Eyes Off!

Mobile Apps With Aesthetic Interfaces

If you are an Art & Design student, then it is likely that people believe that you have veins of creativity and innovation that are simply impossible to let go of! However, one of the major killers of creativity is procrastination. So, how does one achieve more without putting things off?

While most productivity apps come with quite a simple interface (read: bland). But that doesn’t always have to be this way.

In recent times, you might have come across some apps that were a notch higher – not just in terms of usability but design-wise as well. That’s why we have listed some productivity tools, which are not only aesthetically but also ensure that things get done without a hitch!


Are you one of those folks who easily gets distracted while working? Or maybe you are one of those sorts who are checking their phone notifications after every five seconds or so?

If yes, then we suggest that you are in dire need of a productivity app that keeps your harmless diversions in check. Why not download the productivity app, Forest? Not only does this one-of-a-kind mobile app motivate the user to put down their phone, but it does also help in staying focused and on track with the task.

The idea behind Forest is actually quite simple. The user has to plant a seed when they are ready to jet off for work. This activates a timer, which is not like the usual ones that can easily be turned off. Instead, if the user sticks with their task, the tree continues to grow.

However, if the user shuts off the app (for whatever reason!), then the tree dies. This means that if one wants to grow a tree, they have to stick to their tasks. And they can even grow a forest if they are not distracted in between!

The interface of the app is beyond exquisite. And was developed in partnership with the organization, Trees of the Future, whose aim is to plant actual trees and save the planet.


So, you want to stay on top of your weekly task list but are forever getting distracted by the internet or by your social media presence? Well, you have nothing to worry about for we got a handy mobile app that will instantly simplify your life.

Freedom is one of those extremely useful apps that allow the user to concentrate fully on the task at hand. Now you no longer have to worry about time-wasting websites eating away your time. That’s because this app blocks all such websites and online channels where you spend excess time.

While ensuring that you use your breaks or short pauses at work in a mindful way. The user can personalize the app as they like, which means that they can even block the entire internet if they want to if the focus is your aim!

Being a free-to-download app, the mobile app is accessible on all Android and Apple products. The irony is that you still need to be connected to high-speed internet service to make the app work.


Do you enjoy mobile apps that gamify everything and involve a bit of role-playing as well? If so, then you will enjoy this habit-tracking mobile app, called Habitica which stands out for its unconventionality.

What makes the mobile app perfect is that it amplifies the ‘fun’ factor. Similar to the Forest app, this one too utilizes gamification to its benefit. And boosts productive habit-tracking while fostering healthy habits and a burnout-free lifestyle in the daily routine.

All a user has to do is input their desired goals and daily habits in the app, which will then take care of the rest of it. Furthermore, the app directs the user to create and personalize an avatar that helps with task completion.

As the user levels up, they can also unlock some super-cool aspects and varying features in the app. These include a warrior’s armor, pets, and a whole lot of quests! So what are you waiting for?

Get the app for free and start making a cool habit-based avatar to simplify your life today. Available for both Android and Apple products.

Things – Third Version

Are you in search of a task management app that helps to organize your app well and is a dainty little piece of tech as well?

Then we suggest that you download the third version of the productivity app, Things. Not only is the mobile app, super comprehensive, but it is also an aesthetic delight for sore eyes. If you are sick and tired of downloading apps that come with a wishy-washy design, then you will enjoy this app.

Another reason why this app tops the design category is that it was the Winner of the Apple Design Award 2017, which is enough to know about simple yet elaborately high-end app design. And with the third version of this app out, you should expect nothing less than impressive results from the app.

Not only does it make task management a breeze but the dynamic interface is something that you will look forward to! Unfortunately, it is not available for Android users and is accessible for Apple products only. Subscribe now for a monthly fee of $9.99 only and enjoy organizing your life!

Wrapping It Up

Are you one of the forgetful kinds? Or maybe you are slightly disorganized? Irrespective of where you stand, the list above consists of some great apps at your disposal. Now, with these apps, get things done, quicker and much faster than you expected!

To make sure that the app works without a glitch, you need to be connected to a speedy internet connection. Simply click here and you are good to go!